UNESCO Releases Latest List of World Heritage Sites, 2 from Southeast Asia

UNESCO Releases Latest List of World Heritage Sites, 2 from Southeast Asia
UNESCO Releases Latest List of World Heritage Sites, 2 from Southeast Asia

KOMPAS.com – UNESCO has just released its latest 2023 list of World Heritage Sites. The list was announced at the 45th World Heritage Committee meeting which took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from Sunday (10/9/2023) to Monday (25/9/2023).

“The newest site to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List was released starting Saturday (16/9/2023),” read a statement from UNESCO’s official website, Monday (18/9/2023).

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The world heritage site was announced on Saturday (16/9/2023) and Sunday (17/9/2023).

As of Monday (18/9/2023), there were 19 new sites, and two of them came from the Southeast Asia (ASEAN) region, namely from Cambodia and Vietnam. Here are the details:

UNESCO World Heritage Site List 2023 as of 16 September

  1. Volcanoes and Forests of Mount Pelée and the Pitons of Northern Martinique, France
  2. Ha Long Bay–Cat Ba Archipelago, Vietnam
  3. Andrefana Dry Forests, Madagascar
  4. Forest Massif of Odzala-Kokoua, Congo

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Dock. Wikimedia Commons/Timothyvail

Illustration of the Tumuli Style in South Korea which is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

UNESCO World Heritage Site List 2023 as of 17 September

  1. Old town of Kuldīga, Latvia
  2. Jewish-Medieval Heritage of Erfurt, Germany
  3. Viking-Age Ring Fortresses, Denmark
  4. Tr’ondëk-Klondike, Canada
  5. The Persian Caravanserai, Iran
  6. Santiniketan, India
  7. Cultural Landscape of Old Tea Forests of the Jingmai Mountain in Pu’er, China
  8. Tumuli style, South Korea
  9. Deer Stone Monuments and Related Sites of Bronze Age, Mongolia
  10. Koh Ker: Archaeological Site of Ancient Lingapura or Chok Gargyar, Cambodia
  11. Koutammakou, the Land of the Batammariba, Benin, Togo
  12. The Gedeo Cultural Landscape, Ethiopia
  13. Hyrcanian Forests, Azerbaijan, Iran
  14. Silk Roads: Zarafshan-Karakum Corridor, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
  15. Ancient Jericho/Tell es-Sultan, Palestine

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