Britain’s Crisis Worst, School Children Starve To Eat Eraser!

Britain’s Crisis Worst, School Children Starve To Eat Eraser!
Britain’s Crisis Worst, School Children Starve To Eat Eraser!

Schoolchildren in the UK are reported to be very hungry amid the current economic crisis, with some children hiding in playground because I couldn’t buy lunch. There are even children who eat erasers because there is no food.

As reported The Guardian, Monday (26/9/2022), the alarming situation was reported by school principals in various parts of England, in the midst of the crisis that hit the country. School principals say the UK government is leaving schools alone to deal with the escalating crisis.

That message is reinforced by a new survey on food shortages in schools, which will be published by the health food charity, Chefs in School, next month. Chefs in School is known to train chefs for school kitchens.



It was revealed in a recent survey that many schools in the UK were already facing a ‘deplorable’ increase in cases of child starvation at school, even before winter and huge energy bills were forcing families to choose between turning on the heating or buying food.

A school in Lewisham, southeast London, told Chefs in School that a child ‘pretended to eat from an empty lunchbox’ because he did not qualify for the free school lunch and did not want his friends to know he had nothing to eat. .

Community food aid groups told The Observer this week they were struggling to cope with new demands from families unable to feed their children.

“We hear about kids who are so hungry that they eat erasers at school,” said Chefs in Schools chief executive Naomi Duncan.

“Children go to school without eating anything since lunch the day before. The government must do something,” he said.

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