Porprov Final Results, Pacitan Wins 15 Porprov VIII Medals


Pacitanku.com, PACITAN – Pacitan Regency managed to win a total of 15 medals at the VIII East Java Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) which took place last week.

In the VIIIth Porprov which took place in Jombang, Mojokerto and Sidoarjo Regencies on 9-16 September 2023, Pacitan fielded 87 athletes who competed in 16 sports.

Of the total of 16 sports, 9 sports successfully contributed medals to Pacitan, namely weightlifting (6 gold), horse riding (1 gold), paragliding (1 gold and 1 silver), IBCA MMA (1 gold), chess (1 silver) , woodball (1 silver), wrestling (1 bronze), billiards (1 bronze) and bridge (1 bronze).

What is quite encouraging is that Pacitan, despite having to settle for being in 34th place in the final medal standings, managed to maintain the tradition of gold medals in weightlifting in the last three Porprov events.

At this year’s Porprov VIII event, the Pacitan weightlifting sport successfully donated a total of 6 gold medals, of which 3 gold medals were won from the women’s 49 kilogram class on behalf of athlete Resva Widya Aryana. Meanwhile, 3 other gold medals in weightlifting were won in the women’s 59 kilogram class, in the name of Amel Candra Novitasari.

Gold medals from the weightlifting event were also successfully achieved in the two previous Porprov editions, namely at the 2019 Porprov (3 gold medals in the women’s 45 kilogram class in the name of Luluk Diana Tri Wijayana) and the 2022 Porprov with a total of 8 gold medals from the weightlifting event at the VII Porprov in 2022 last year.

At Porprov in 2022, the 8 gold medals were presented by Luluk Diana Tri Wijayana (3 gold medals in the women’s 55 kilogram class), Resva Widya Aryana (3 gold medals in the women’s 49 kilogram class) and 2 gold medals by Amel Candra Novitasari (2 gold medals in the 64 kilogram class daughter).

The MMA sport has made history

Apart from the golden tradition of weightlifting, the Indonesian Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sport has recorded a proud and historic record.

GET GOLD. Pacitan IBCA MMA athlete Alifan Bagus Fernanda successfully donated a gold medal for Pacitan in the men’s 54 kilogram event at the 2023 East Java Province Province VIII. (Photo: Doc. KONI Pacitan)

Pacitan IBCA MMA athlete Alifan Bagus Fernanda successfully donated a gold medal to Pacitan in the men’s 54 kilogram event.

In the final match at SMAN 1 Puri, Mojokerto Regency, Alifan successfully defeated his opponent from Lamongan Regency in round 1 of 2 rounds planned by TKO.

Alifan’s score is a good historical record for Pacitan, considering that the IBCA MMA sport is a sport that has just been contested at the East Java Proprov VIII event in 2023.

The following are the final results of the Pacitan contingent’s medals at the 2023 East Java Provincial Province VIII

  • 3 gold medals in weightlifting (women’s 49 kilogram class/Resva Widya Aryana)
  • 3 gold medals in weightlifting (women’s 59 kilogram class/Amel Candra Novitasari)
  • 1 gold medal in equestrian sports (Class I racing number/Andreyas Bayu Irfansah)
  • 1 gold medal in paragliding (women’s team accuracy number/Aisyah Indika Desta Rahmadany and Marsely Febiola)
  • 1 IBCA MMA gold medal (men’s 54 kilogram MMA number/Alifan Bagus Fernanda)
  • 1 silver medal in chess (mixed lightning number/Febrianti Mutika Sari and Bayu Surya Mahendra)
  • 1 silver medal in paragliding (women’s individual accuracy number/Aisyah Indika Desta Rahmadany)
  • 1 silver medal in woodball (men’s team fairway number/Putra Nur Firdausi, Septian Zihan Saputra, Bintang Justitia Nur Cahyo, and Haidar Nashir Nugroho)
  • 1 bronze medal in wrestling (greco class 67 kilograms/Kiki Dwi Alfiansyah)
  • 1 bronze medal in billiards (men’s number 10 ball doubles/Gufron Hanif Pamungkas and Hamana Marhaidiqi Muhaimin)
  • 1 bronze medal in bridge sport (men’s team number/Dimas Nuruddin Khalish, Muhammad Faishal Abyan, Muhammad Naufal Azamrafif, Rizky Nur Rohman, Takhalli Alif Muhammad, Wahyu Micho Indrawan)

Total = 15 medals

Pacitan contingent’s record of medals at the last 4 Porprov events

  • East Java Provincial V 2015: 15 medals, consisting of 3 gold, 4 silver, 8 bronze
  • East Java Porprov VI 2019: 13 medals, consisting of 4 gold, 2 silver and 7 bronze
  • East Java Porprov VII 2022: 17 medals, consisting of 9 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze
  • East Java Province VIII Porprov Year 2023: 15 medals, consisting of 9 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze

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