FBI Reveals Plan to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth II

FBI Reveals Plan to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth II
FBI Reveals Plan to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth II


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Friday, 26/05/2023 19:50 WIB

Photo: Queen Elizabeth (REUTERS/POOL)

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released documents relating to the late Queen Elizabeth II’s trip to the United States (US) in the 1980s. This document was released one year after his death.

Documents show there were death threats against the Queen of England. Death threats were sent to a police officer in San Francisco.

According to the files, a police officer frequented the town’s Irish pub and alerted federal agents about a call from a man he met at the venue. The officer said the man was planning revenge for his daughter who had been killed in Northern Ireland by a rubber bullet.

The threat came on February 4, 1983. This was about a month before the visit by Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip to California.

“He would seek to harm Queen Elizabeth and would do so by dropping objects from the Golden Gate Bridge onto the Royal Yacht Britannia while sailing under her,” the document said. BBC InternationalFriday (26/5/2023).

“Or will try to assassinate Queen Elizabeth when she visits Yosemite National Park,” the document reads again.

In response to the threat, the US Secret Service finally planned to close the walkways on the Golden Gate Bridge as the cruise ships approached. It’s not clear what action was taken at Yosemite, but the visit went smoothly and no details of the arrests were made public by the FBI.

Actually, the 102-page document was uploaded to vault, the FBI’s informational website. The documents were released following Freedom of Information Act requests filed by US media.

Many of the late Queen’s state visits to the US, including a 1983 visit to the West Coast, took place during the heightened tensions amid the Troubles in Northern Ireland. In 1976, the late Queen was also in New York City for America’s Bicentennial celebrations.

The documents reveal how a summons was issued to a pilot for flying a small plane over Battery Park with a sign reading “English, Out of Ireland”. File-file it shows how the FBI remains wary of what it perceives as real potential threats to the late Queen.

In the run-up to the late Queen’s private visit to Kentucky in 1989, for example, an internal FBI memo was issued. It read “the possible threat to the British Empire is ever present from the Irish Republican Army (IRA)”.

“Boston and New York are asked to remain vigilant against any threats to Queen Elizabeth II from IRA members and promptly provide the same to Louisville, in Kentucky,” he wrote.

The late Queen is known to have visited Kentucky several times during her life to enjoy the state’s equestrian highlights, including the Kentucky Derby. On a state visit in 1991, the late Queen was scheduled to see a Baltimore Orioles baseball game with President George H. Bush.

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