The best MLBB tank heroes for 2023 will be found after the patch update


The best MLBB tank hero for 2023 was found after a recent patch update. Changes in strength also occur in certain heroes.

Speaking of the best MLBB tank heroes in 2023, the initiator is still the main one. Judging from the META in the last official tournament, namely the 2023 SEA Games, there have been no significant changes.

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Heroes like Franco, Atlas, Lolita, are still a priority. Although several times there are also those who use healers like Floryn and Estes. Initiator gameplay is still the most effective in the competitive scene.

the best MLBB tank hero 2023 is here because of the attributes it has. In fact, he can’t only play as a roamer, because he can be used in roles such as EXP laner, jungler, midlaner, even goldlaner.

Then who is this hero? He is the Minotaur. There are several things that make the Red Bull very strong.

Minotaur’s big buff made him the best tank hero in MLBB 2023

Minotaur became a hero who got a significant buff in the last MLBB patch update. The most striking thing is of course the ultimate, which can now be activated without prior Rage.

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So that the Minotaur could make an impromptu initiation. Not only that, now Minotaur’s skill 1 will reduce the opponent’s magic and physical defense. Plus skill 2 not only gives heal, but also increases your partner’s defense attributes.

Looking at his OP passive skillset, plus active skills full of CC and also support mechanisms make the Minotaur really a tier S roamer at the moment.

It can be used in various conditions and situations. Even though it is effective, it is still used as a counter hero with gathering gameplay.

Minotaur can be used in various roles

Interestingly, the Minotaur can’t only be effective as a roamer. He can be used as a jungler, EXP laner, even a midlaner and gold laner. He is the best MLBB tank hero in 2023 because of his extraordinary capacity.

Layla Ciku, Ciku, TODAK, MLBB, M4, M4 World Championship
Credit: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

This hero is fairly independent and can take care of the lane well. Even though it doesn’t have great damage, however, its power to clear minions and withstand dealer damage is very reliable.

Ciku used the Minotaur as a midlaner during MPLI 2022. At that time the hero had not been buffed but was able to be effective. This is a strategy when we want to use two roam items and have a strong teamfight.

Meanwhile, Minotaur goldlane has yet to be proven in the competitive scene. But he will be very troublesome and can zone marksman with minimal early power. A reason enough to make him the best MLBB tank hero in 2023.

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