Allegedly Jumping, Child of Ministry of Transportation Official Dies Falling from the 8th Floor of the School

Allegedly Jumping, Child of Ministry of Transportation Official Dies Falling from the 8th Floor of the School
Allegedly Jumping, Child of Ministry of Transportation Official Dies Falling from the 8th Floor of the School

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A junior high school student in Makassar died falling from the 8th floor of his school. The victim, who is known to be the son of Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) official Benny Yusuf Nurdin, is suspected of deliberately jumping. Until now, the local police are still investigating the motive behind the incident.

Reported detikSulsel, the victim named Basman Nafa Yaskura (15) was found dead on Wednesday (24/5/2023) at his school, SMP Athirah Makassar. The incident was also recorded by CCTV which was later secured by the Makassar Polrestabes.

Kapolrestabes Makassar Kombes Mokhamad Ngajib explained, CCTV footage shows the victim going up alone to the 8th floor of his school around 09.30 WITA by elevator. The recording was also strengthened by statements from witnesses.

“Then after reaching the 8th floor, the person concerned went up to the roof. So from the 8th floor there is another roof, he went up using the stairs,” explained Ngajib on Wednesday night. Shortly after falling, the victim was found by a school janitor. His condition at that time was lifeless.

Ngajib stated that it is strongly suspected that the victim deliberately jumped from the 8th floor. On the victim’s body, injuries were found caused by falling from a height and there were no injuries such as marks from being hit by a blunt object. “We should suspect that he committed suicide, because until the results of the TKP examination, there were no suspicions of other things,” he explained.

However, several odd facts emerged during the examination of this case. One of them, before the day of the incident, the victim turned out to have skipped class. This was known from the GPS of the victim’s cell phone which showed that he had been in the Taeng area, Gowa. Then the mother contacted the victim before the victim finally returned to school.

“The parents checked with their child, he had already left for school but it was discovered that he was in Gowa. So he was contacted by his parents, he returned to school. That was based on his mother,” explained Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Makassar Police, Ridwan Hutagaol, to detikSulsel Thursday (25/5).

As of Thursday evening, the police were still examining the witnesses. So far, the police have examined 5 witnesses. Among them are homeroom teachers, teachers, and two janitors or OB.

In addition, the police have also secured one of the main pieces of evidence, namely the victim’s cell phone. The cell phone was broken and damaged so the police have not checked its contents. “We are still investigating the motive, we must strengthen the condition of this motive, are there any writings or what is that, the cellphone is broken again,” said Ridwan.

This incident was a very heavy blow to the victim’s family, especially his parents. Ministry of Transportation official Benny Yusuf Nurdin even cried hysterically when he first came to the Makassar Bhayangkara Hospital on Wednesday afternoon, around 17.00 WITA. The victim’s body was immediately delivered to the funeral home that afternoon at 17.30 WITA.

The family admitted that they had received three different pieces of information regarding the whereabouts of the victim at school. First, the person concerned is said to be late for school. Second, there was a teacher who stated that the victim did not attend school and had already applied for a permit. Third, when the mother called, the victim admitted that she was already at school and was taking the elevator.

This was revealed by the uncle of the victim, Andy Setiadi. “We are also confused from the family, we got three pieces of information from the teacher earlier. Before I took his cell phone, he was late for school. The report went to the teacher, he didn’t go to school. Continued to communicate with his parents, his mother said he was coming. His mother last communicated , already in the school elevator,” he said.

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