Police Investigate Incident Moge Serempet Motorized Woman in Majalengka

Police Investigate Incident Moge Serempet Motorized Woman in Majalengka
Police Investigate Incident Moge Serempet Motorized Woman in Majalengka

Majalengka – The traffic accident in the Majalengka area involved a big motorbike rider or Moge with a Honda Beat motorbike. Police immediately moved to investigate the incident.

“We are still investigating there. We are checking again,” said Head of the Traffic Accident Unit (Traffic Accident) of the Majalengka Police Traffic Unit, Ipda Aseng Suwanda when contacted detikJabarFriday (26/5/2023).

Police are still investigating the accident. As such, said Aseng, his party could not yet provide definite information.

“There is still an investigation that has not been able to provide definitive information. Because we are still checking first, maybe we will give wrong information later,” he said.

“We’re also checking (regarding the location). We’re still checking, where did this come in so that it’s clear. We’re checking the TKP first,” he continued.

Although still under police investigation. Aseng said that his party would soon provide further information related to the chronology to the condition of the drivers involved in the accident.

“Later we will check the victim’s data if indeed the TKP is there, then what will it be like (chronology), then which hospital will we go to, whether the material, whether anyone was injured or what, later let us check it first,” explained Aseng .

As you know, the news of the incident initially made a splash on social media. The accident reportedly occurred on Friday (26/5/2023) around 09.15 WIB on Jalan Ligung-Jatiwangi.

Viewed detikJabar From the video uploaded by the Instagram account @besokseninco, one of the red Honda Beat motorbike riders appears to be being given help in the middle of a group of Moge riders. Not only that, the orange Moge was seen lying far from the location where the Honda Beat driver was lying.

In the video, it is also narrated that beat motorbike riders are women. According to the uploader, the women saw an accident because they were suspected of having been hit by a Moge.

“The accident involved a Honda Beat motorbike driven by the women and one of the moge groups. *Allegedly:* the beat motorbike was hit, then Moge swerved to the left and entered a ditch,” explained account @besokseninco.

Description of the video uploader’s account, this incident did not cause any casualties. However, the driver suffered minor injuries.

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