4 Characters Turn Out to Be Alive in the Webtoon Duty After School


Through 6 episodes Duty After School Part 1 (2023), the audience was left heartbroken by the death of several characters. The row of characters is even expected to last until the end.

Webtoon sweeter than drama, Teacher Park Eun Young and Lieutenant Lee Choon Ho live to the end. Come on, take a look at the 4 characters who are still alive webtoon Duty After School (2023)!

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

1. Teacher Park Eun Young

Still cut Korean drama Duty After School (Instagram.com/dutyafterschooldrama)

In the webtoon version, teacher Park Eun Young (Lim Se Mi) is still alive. He didn’t even participate when Sungjin High School students in class 3-2 enlisted in the military.

But in the drama version, Ms. Park becomes the second victim of the Purple Ball Alien. He died when he was stabbed by the Purple Ball Alien’s tentacles in front of the class 3-2 students.

2. Lieutenant Lee Choon Ho

Still cut Korean drama Duty After School (Instagram.com/dutyafterschooldrama)

At the end of episode 6, Lieutenant Lee Choon Ho sacrificed himself. Due to his injury, he couldn’t get out of the building that was surrounded by the Purple Ball Aliens.

Whereas in the webtoon version, Lieutenant Lee survived to the end. Even when the 3-2 class students had returned to school, Lieutenant Lee announced that he would meet them.

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3. Kim Inhye

4 Characters Who Turn Out to Be Alive in the Webtoon Duty After SchoolStill cut Korean drama Duty After School (Instagram.com/dutyafterschooldrama)

The drama version of Kim In Hye (Ahn Da Eun) becomes a victim of the Purple Ball Alien when she is about to run away from school. He failed to get into the army truck due to a leg injury.

Whereas in the webtoon, he does not take part in military service. When the war against the cell aka the Purple Ball Alien is over, Kim In Hye returns to school.

4. Im Woo Taek

4 Characters Who Turn Out to Be Alive in the Webtoon Duty After SchoolStill cut Korean drama Duty After School (Instagram.com/dutyafterschooldrama)

Im Woo Taek (Shin Myung Sung) died when the Purple Ball Aliens invaded Sungjin High School. Sergeants Kim Won Bin (Lee Soon Won) and Do Soo Cheol (Kim Min Chul) failed to save Im Woo Taek.

But in the webtoon version, Im Woo Taek is still alive, even expelled from military service. The reason was because he broke the rules and received penalty points above the threshold.

Perhaps the reason for the series of characters above being killed was because they did not participate in the adventures of grade 3-2 students against the Purple Ball Aliens. Do you think their characters should still be alive or not?

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