Facilitation of the ‘Blessing Room’ of the Congregation of Couples in the Holy Land

Facilitation of the ‘Blessing Room’ of the Congregation of Couples in the Holy Land
Facilitation of the ‘Blessing Room’ of the Congregation of Couples in the Holy Land

JAKARTA — The length of time pilgrims spend in the Holy Land, which ranges up to 42 days, raises problems, especially for married couples. Those who sleep separately from their partners still find it difficult to meet their biological needs after the pilgrimage.

Amirul Haj member for 2022, Muhammad Khoirul Muttaqin, conveyed the importance of the existence of the facility ghurfatul barakah (room of blessing) for pilgrims. According to him, the government needs to pay attention to the needs of pilgrims for blessing rooms, intimate rooms, love rooms, or longing rooms.

Khoirul said, actually all pilgrims who come to the Holy Land intend to perform the pilgrimage. They didn’t think about making out with their partners, moreover they were segregated by sex in the Pure Land.

“However, there are factors that encourage them to have intercourse with their partners. After performing the pillars of the pilgrimage or pilgrimage and releasing ihram, there is no prohibition (having sexual intercourse),” Khoirul told RepublikaThursday (19/1).

He explained, when the pilgrims have finished carrying out the pillars of the pilgrimage, they are waiting for the line to go home and the time is quite long. During this long waiting period, there is usually quite intensive interaction between husband and wife. Not infrequently that period becomes the momentum for them to let go of their longing for their partner.

What’s more, they know that after the pillars of Hajj are completed and they are no longer wearing ihram clothes, there is no longer any prohibition on intercourse. That’s what triggers them to have intercourse.

“Another trigger is indeed the intention of a young husband and wife who have difficulty getting offspring while in Indonesia. Then they leave (to the Holy Land), they have the intention of having children there,” said Khoirul.

Another trigger is the intention of a young husband and wife who have difficulty getting offspring while in Indonesia.

MUHAMMAD KHOIRUL MUTTAQIN Member of Amirul Haj in 2022

He explained that their desire to have children was expressed by praying in the Holy Land. In addition, they take advantage of times that are not prohibited to have sex with their partners.

He explained that the desire of pilgrims to have sexual relations with their partners cannot be prohibited by the government because no one can prohibit their rights. For that, he said, there must be a solution because these problems cannot be left alone.

“If left unchecked, worrying will become a problem. This can become a strange or taboo sight in a public space or in places where it shouldn’t be, then this blessing room really needs to be held. So far there have been many terms, there are blessing rooms, there are intimate rooms, there are room of love, room of longing,” he said.

Khoirul explained, all this time there was a blessing room because there was concern for the haj officials or the mukimin. Usually the group leader has a concern for facilitating pilgrims. Then, they provide their rooms at certain moments that are not prohibited by the time or after the pilgrimage is over.

“There are also mukimin who work with hotel or apartment owners (to provide blessing rooms). To this day, the government has not provided them,” he said.

Khoirul said that he had conveyed the needs of the pilgrims for the blessing room. According to him, the needs of these pilgrims may need attention. If not paid attention to, it can create an atmosphere that is not good. Therefore, the government may need to regulate the existence of this blessing room. Read: Barokah Room for Couples in the Holy Land.

During the 2022 Hajj season, Hajj officials and several pilgrims staying at the Arkan Barkah 1 Hotel, Mahbas Jin, Makkah, had encountered the phenomenon of a pair of pilgrims wanting to fulfill their biological desires. Because of this, local officer Dikky Syadqomullah and three other pilgrims gave up their rooms so that the couple could fulfill their biological needs from dawn to dusk. “The name ghurfatul barakah. A blessing for the congregation, a blessing for us too,” said Dikky at the Arkan Barkah Hotel, Medina.

At first, Dikky, who is a regional pilgrimage officer (PHD) in the Mahbas Jin Sector, received suggestions from a number of married couples so that they would be placed with their respective spouses. Rooms that are suitable for the number of worshipers do not allow each couple to get a place with their own partner. They also suggested that the rooms should be mixed. Each room can be occupied by two couples.

This proposal received protests from Dikky and his friends. Dikky revealed that the placement of two married couples in one room could cause slander and sin. In fact, he said, they had just performed the pilgrimage. “Already packed a suitcase that day. It has been decided. But, me and my friends bismillah. I offer our room so the room blessed,” he said.

According to Dikky, the room is a room of blessing to facilitate married couples who want to fulfill their biological needs. They can use the room without disturbing the privacy of others. The room that has been used for more than a week, said Dikky, can only be used after dawn until just before sunset. At night, the room key will be returned to the original owner so they can rest.

When the room is used by a couple, the occupants of the room will look for other activities. They can worship at the Grand Mosque, shop, or rest in a friend’s room. Thus, couples who use the room are not disturbed. “We sincerely give up our rooms so we can receive blessings. The needs of the congregation can be fulfilled in this room without disturbing their privacy,” he said.

We sincerely give up our room so we can get a blessing. Pilgrims’ needs can be fulfilled in this room without disturbing their privacy.

Not only Dikky’s room was made ghurfatul barakah. There are two other rooms that have the same function. The two rooms are numbered 302 and 306. The rooms have been operational since July 14, 2022. Couples who wish to use the rooms, said Dikky, only need to contact the occupants of the rooms and determine a schedule. So far, Dikky explained, there were five married couples using the room ghurfatul barakah. “The important thing is not at night because we use rest,” he said.

PPIH officer in Sector 1 Mahbas Jin, Mashuri Mashuda explained, many married couples seemed to be starting to make out in the open. This, said Mashuri, could cause inconvenience to the congregation. According to him, existence ghurfatul barakah should be appreciated because many of the worshipers at the Arkan Bakkah 1 Hotel are husband and wife.

Member of Amirul Haj, Muhammad Khoirul Muttaqin, revealed that meeting the biological needs of the congregation also received the government’s attention. According to him, many young couples who perform the pilgrimage also want to meet these needs.

Some pilgrims even rent apartments through mukimin to spend time with their partners. Do not let, he said, pilgrims actually have sex in an open place just because there are no facilities at the hostel because there are segregation of male and female congregations.

“This will be an urgency whether it can be completed at the level of the group leader or team leader. If it is possible to facilitate it, we will facilitate it,” he said. Read more’;

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