Caucasians Fall from Motorbike Claims to Be Robbed and Beaten in Bali Raise Funds for Aid

Caucasians Fall from Motorbike Claims to Be Robbed and Beaten in Bali Raise Funds for Aid
Caucasians Fall from Motorbike Claims to Be Robbed and Beaten in Bali Raise Funds for Aid

Australian Caucasians named Lachlan Brian Hunt went viral after admitting he was robbed and beaten to a pulp in Bali. He’s fundraising on a donation site.

Quoted from, Wednesday (25/1/2023) Brian Hunt, a foreigner from Perth, was treated at the BIMC Hospital, Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Number 100x, Kuta District, Badung Regency. He entered the hospital on Thursday (12/1/2023) around 04.30 WITA and was treated until Tuesday (17/1).

In the article, Brian Hunt’s friend, Jarrad Visser, said he was raising funds to pay for hospital care. Fundraising was carried out through the GoFundMe platform and raised USD 21,868. Of these, the highest donor donated USD 1,000.



Apart from providing financial assistance, many people also prayed for Lachie’s recovery, Brian Hunt’s nickname.

The article said Brian Hunt was allegedly beaten brutally on the spot Kuta tour. He suffered serious injuries after being involved in an alleged mugging earlier this week.

Single Accident, Speeding, and Drunk

In the process, the police investigated the case. This is because there were no reports of robbery and the victim was treated in hospital. After an investigation it was discovered that Brian Hunt was battered not because he was robbed and beaten. He crashed while riding a motorcycle at speed and was drunk.

“Based on the results of investigations into witnesses and interrogation of foreign nationals on behalf of Lachlan Brian Hunt, the case was not a crime of assault and robbery,” said Kombes Satake Bayu, head of the Public Relations Division (kabid Humas) of the Bali Police, in a written statement to detikBaliTuesday (24/1/2023).

According to Satake Bayu, the foreigner on behalf of Brian Hunt had a single accident. The accident resulted in injuries. He has received medical treatment.

The police finally found out that Hunt had been battered as a result of a traffic accident after obtaining information from witnesses at the crime scene (TKP). Based on witness testimony, Hunt was driving a motorcycle at high speed and was in a drunken state at around 04.00 WITA.

“When passing speed bumps, the motorbike driven by the foreigner swerved and caused the foreigner to fall in a prone position and was unconscious. Then, around 04.30 WITA, the foreigner woke up with a face full of blood and then immediately left,” explained Satake Bayu.

Before experiencing the traffic accident, Hunt went from where he was staying at Hotel Masa Inn Bali, Jalan Poppies Lane 1 Number 27, Kelurahan/Kecamatan Kuta, Badung Regency to the disco club Engine Room Bali Super Club with his friend. He went there to drink around 22.00 WITA.

After finishing drinking, the Aussie Caucasians went home. While on the way, he admitted that his cellphone (HP) had been knocked down. When he tried to retrieve his cellphone, he admitted that he was pushed by an unknown person. Until now, explained Satake Bayu, the Aussie foreigner has not admitted that he does not know who made the robbery go viral.

“Lachlan Briant Hunt admitted that he did not know who made the news viral, where three days later he was notified by a friend of his mother via messenger that he had gone viral on social media,” said the former Head of Public Relations of the West Sumatra Regional Police (West Sumatra).

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