It turns out that Corpse Art in the Korean Drama ‘Connect’ Exists, Check the Facts!

It turns out that Corpse Art in the Korean Drama ‘Connect’ Exists, Check the Facts!
It turns out that Corpse Art in the Korean Drama ‘Connect’ Exists, Check the Facts!

The Korean drama ‘Connect’ has aired its 6 episodes simultaneously on December 7 2022. This means viewers can immediately watch the whole story to the end.

This is a genre drama thriller which raised the character of a serial killer. The interesting thing is about the concept that the perpetrator uses to kill. He uses the bodies of his victims as an extraordinary work of art. After committing the murder, the corpse was polished and put on display in the open.

When it first appeared, of course it was seen as an art-style statue featuring elements of vulgarity. However, over time blood came out of the statue’s body. In the drama ‘Connect’ this case is referred to as ‘corpse art’.

However, did you know that this ‘corpse art’ is not just fiction? In the real world it is proven to exist. So what is real corpse art like?

It is true that there is corpse art in the real world, but not as depicted in the drama ‘Connect’. Currently, corpse art is enshrined in the ‘Body World’ museum in Berlin, Germany. This museum was initiated by DR. Angelina Whalley and DR. Gunter Von Hagens.

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Reported by Body Worlds on Friday (9/12/2022) that they have also conducted a traveling exhibition which attracted more than 50 million visitors and more than 150 cities across America, Asia, Australasia, Europe and South Africa.

So what kind of corpse art is this? Of course this is very much different from the one in the drama ‘Connect’. Before being displayed, the corpse will be preserved by plastination technique. It is a series of processes that replace fat and water in the body with plastic polymers and other materials that prevent decay.

Each exhibit contains a real human specimen, including the entire body as well as organs including organ configurations, blood vessels and transparent body slices. The plastinates take visitors on an exciting journey under the skin. It provides extensive insight into the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Because visitors can literally see every layer under the skin.

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Then why is it called a work of art? Of course, after preservation, the corpses are displayed in various styles that look artistic.

Suggestion? Don’t worry, Indonesia already has 5 pieces of corpse art which is also the only one in Southeast Asia. To enjoy it, you can visit The Bagong Adventure Body Museum in Batu City, which is part of the Jatim Park Group. The collection is placed in a special collection room and can only be seen by visitors aged 18 and over.

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