Walpri Deputy Governor Persecutes Residents to the Umuh Requests 80% Exco to be Replaced

Walpri Deputy Governor Persecutes Residents to the Umuh Requests 80% Exco to be Replaced
Walpri Deputy Governor Persecutes Residents to the Umuh Requests 80% Exco to be Replaced

The news about the M 5.6 earthquake in Cianjur is still the hottest topic reported by detikJabar. But apart from that, there are many other events in West Java that also attract public attention.

Starting from the personal guard of the Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum who abused Garut residents to the Persib Commissioner who asked 80 percent of Exco PSSI members to leave.

The following is a summary of West Java today:

Walpri Deputy Governor of West Java Persecutes Garut Residents

Four youths from Garut reported an unscrupulous member of the National Police for allegedly committing acts of abuse and intimidation. The police officer also claimed to be an aide to the Deputy Governor of West Java.

The incident of persecution accompanied by intimidation occurred at the end of September 2022, at the Bandung Wetan Police, Bandung City. This was revealed by the parents of one of the youths, Deni Ranggajaya.

“It happened on September 27, 2022,” Deni told reporters at Tarogong Kaler, Wednesday (23/11/2022).

Deni explained that the abuse and intimidation were carried out when his son with the initials LL and three of his colleagues HAF, BB and HA were being investigated in relation to a case being handled by the Bandung Wetan Police.

“But then this person came, who claimed to be the Deputy Governor’s adjutant. His rank was Bripka with the initials US,” he said.

According to Deni, this member of the National Police intimidated the four youths aged in their 20s. The person is even said to have shown a gun to the teenagers.

“Doing violence too,” said Deni.

Deni said the bullying incident was only revealed some time later, after the child complained to his parents. After receiving the complaint, the victims were escorted by their parents and then reported.

The four youths then made a report to the West Java Regional Police Propam on Friday, November 18. The West Java Regional Police themselves are reportedly going to investigate information on alleged abuse and intimidation by these members of the National Police.

“Still checking,” said the Head of Public Relations of the West Java Regional Police Kombes Pol Ibrahim Tompo via text message, Thursday (24/11/2022)

Responding to this report, Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum admitted that he had handed over the process to the police.

“I’ll leave it to the police. Muhun (yes), I know the members (I know the person). But let the process go to the police,” said Uu when contacted by detikJabar, Thursday (24/11/22) morning.

Uu added, he denied that the person concerned was not an adjutant but a walpri or personal bodyguard. “That’s not an adjutant, but Walpri,” said Uu.

Dramatic Story of Slanted Houses of Cianjur Earthquake Victims

Supyandi (46) stares blankly at his two-story house which collapsed due to the earthquake that rocked Cianjur, Monday (21/11/2022). He was grateful that his wife and two children managed to save themselves when the earthquake shook.

Supyandi’s house in Cieunder Village, Bunisari Village, Warungkondang District, Cianjur Regency is now tilted, the side of the second floor of the house is held up by a wall that belongs to a warehouse owned by a company. While the first floor of the house was in ruins, leaving only rubble.

“On that day, I was selling, my wife was at home with the children in this house. As soon as the earthquake shook, I rushed home, panicking because as soon as I entered the alley, many houses were cracked and destroyed,” said Supyandi when met by detikJabar, Wednesday (23 /11/2022).

Amidst the screams of his neighbours, Supyandi looked for his wife and children. A small voice then called out his name. “Thank God my wife and three children are all safe,” he whispered.

He then got a story when the earthquake occurred from his wife, who was washing clothes at that time. Meanwhile the children were playing in the room.

“The wife was washing, the children in the smallest room were sleeping, when she felt a strong vibration, the wife probably forgot to run straight outside. Until she came outside, she just remembered, she came back inside and took the children back inside,” said Supyandi retells the story his wife told him.

In just a few seconds, the concrete supporting the two-storey house belonging to Supyandi was destroyed. The wooden building on the second floor collapsed but was held up by the warehouse wall.

“The position of my house underneath is permanent concrete on top of wood, all wood on top. Previously this was the kitchen, the toilet in the future was all destroyed. If there was no wall on the second floor, this had collapsed and was being held up by the warehouse wall,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ashadi Sugarto, Head of RW 01 Kampung Cieundeur, Bunisari Village, said that hundreds of houses were damaged in his area. One victim died and dozens were injured

“Heavy damage was 57 buildings, while 54 buildings had minor cracks, 40 to 60 houses. The victim died, one person on behalf of Mrs. Een died from being crushed by a building. Then those who were injured had a broken leg, the others had minor injuries, 40 people were in a light category. we can still handle it,” said Ashadi.

Car Enters Under Truck in Cipularang, 1 Person Dies

The deadly accident occurred on the KM 86 Cipularang Toll Road, around the Jatiluhur area, Purwakarta, West Java, which involved cars and trucks. In the accident one passenger in the car died. Head of PJR Cipularang Toll Road Unit 3 Ipda Dadang Setiawan said the incident occurred Thursday (24/11/2022) around 05.15 WIB.

“The two vehicles came from the direction of Bandung to Jakarta, upon arrival at the TKP to be precise in lane one, according to (the truck driver), the driver of the first vehicle or Xenia did not keep his distance and anticipate that a collision would occur,” he told detikJabar, Thursday (24/11/ 2022).

Dadang said the accident caused the car to go under the truck and was dragged several meters. “As a result of this accident one passenger died and two people were injured, the driver survived,” he said.

Dadang explained that his party was still investigating this case. There is also the identity of the victim named Yudha Indrapraja (48), a resident of Cipageran, North Cimahi, Cimahi City.

Meanwhile, the car driver with the initials DS denied that he was sleepy when the accident occurred. “The position of the steering wheel is like there is wind to the left, in front of a truck that is moving slowly, I can’t brake, it’s been a collision, I’m not sleepy, I just realized that the steering wheel is shaking like that,” admitted DS.

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