PGRI Karawang Hopes the Case of the Sadistic Murder of Teacher Sumarni 14 Years Ago Can Be Revealed

PGRI Karawang Hopes the Case of the Sadistic Murder of Teacher Sumarni 14 Years Ago Can Be Revealed
PGRI Karawang Hopes the Case of the Sadistic Murder of Teacher Sumarni 14 Years Ago Can Be Revealed

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, KARAWANG – On the eve of the 2022 National Teacher’s Day commemoration on Friday, November 25, 2022, the disclosure of the sadistic murder case of a teacher in Karawang Regency.

“Regarding the case of violence against teachers. We really hope that the murder case of an elementary school teacher named Sumarni can be revealed. Yesterday I conveyed this to the Head of the Police,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) of Karawang Regency, Nandang Mulyana, to West Java TribuneThursday (24/11/2022).

Nandang said that the murder case of Sumarni, a resident of Karangjati Kondang Village, Karangjaya Village, Pedes District, was an incident 14 years ago.

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Nandang Mulyana said that Sumarni had been a teacher in Karawang for a long time. Finally he was a teacher at SD Negeri Karangjaya 4, Tirtamulya District, Karawang.

“The family has often asked about the case and the perpetrator has not been found yet,” he said.

Nandang Mulyana also admitted that he had asked several police chiefs about the disclosure of the case. Including the current Chief of Police.

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He added that criminal cases against teachers have started to become rare. In fact, in almost three years now there have been no incidents of crime against teachers.

“In almost three years it has not been there, there have been a few but they have been resolved properly and the deliberations have not become a national concern. Lastly, I hope that this can reveal who killed Sumarni’s teacher,” he said.

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As previously reported, Sumarni binti Harjosuwarno (50), an elementary school (SD) teacher, was found dead covered in blood at her home, in Karangjati Kondang Village, Karangjaya Village, Pedes District, Karawang Regency.

He was found dead at 08.10 WIB, Monday (21/1/2008). At 03.00 WIB earlier, the neighbor in front of the victim’s house, Cartem (35), had heard the victim’s moaning voice twice. But back then he took it for granted.

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In the morning, Siti Julaeha (39), the victim’s teaching partner at SD Karangjaya 4, Karawang, said that usually the victim contacted her via SMS before leaving for school.

“But until 08.00 WIB he had not arrived at school,” said Julaeha. Together with other teacher colleagues, Julaeha took the initiative to visit the victim’s house.

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After that, Sumarni found the victim covered in blood. His neck was nearly severed. Two stab wounds were visible on his left cheek and right arm.

According to the victim’s neighbor, Sumarni had lived alone for a long time. Her husband had died several years ago.

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