This Pati Boy Continues to Preserve the Art of Wayang Kulit which almost disappeared in the Modernization Era

Pati, – We all know that the times have undergone a very significant cycle of change. Traditional arts that used to be predicted, are now being replaced with various entertainments through smartphones.

But not with this 13 year old boy from Pati named Gandrung Swara Alghifari. He seems very adept at playing the art of wayang kulit, which is rarely even loved by young people today.

When met, Gandrung admitted that he had fallen in love with the culture of this archipelago from an early age. The father of the child is also a puppeteer who inspires him.

“I have liked wayang since before school, because I often see my father,” said Gandrung when interviewed by the media crew, Friday (23/9/2022).

Then, from this love, he pursued various plays or wayang stories that he could memorize by heart.

But of all the characters, he admitted that he liked Gatotkaca the most. For him, Gatotkaca is a powerful knight and upholds honesty.

Not only that, even Gandrung is currently listed in the top five Surakarta sabet styles at the national level. And in 2022, the boy from Kayen Village represents Pati Residency to advance in the children’s puppeteer competition at the Central Java Province level.

Trainer of puppeteers and children’s musicians, Tri Luwih Winarko said that in the children’s puppeteer competition at the Central Java Province level, his party had trained children for the last 10 days in Panggungroyom Village, Wedarijaksa District.

“These children are from all corners of Pati. We are preparing for the morning of September 17 to participate in the provincial level puppeteer competition held by the provincial Pepadi, located in Sragen. This is very good for the regeneration of art, especially karawitan,” he concluded.

For information, Gandrung Swara Alghifari today left for Jakarta to take part in the National Level Children’s Dalang Festival at Taman Fatahilah Plaza.

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