Mandiri Learning Carnival Breaks MURI Record

JAKARTA ( – Bank Mandiri continues to be consistent in encouraging capacity building and talent capabilities of the company or Mandirian. This human capital (HC) development strategy is also a step for Bank Mandiri in facing competition and adapting to the latest developments, especially the banking industry.

This consistency is realized through the implementation of the Mandiri Learning Carnival (MLC) which presents a series of learnings for Mandirians in all regional offices and head office. The activities, which have been taking place since 2020, include learning class sessions and speeches from dozens of figures and hundreds of facilitators and packaged digitally.

Bank Mandiri’s Director of Compliance and HR Agus Dwi Handaya said the development of good HC or HR is a trump card in encouraging positive growth. At the same time, it can have a positive impact on Indonesia’s long-term and sustainable economic growth process.

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