Hit the price, this customer was forced to pay the price of food 3 times


Rising food prices put pressure on food sellers. This shop is cheating by making customers pay three times as much.

The increase in food prices that occurred throughout the world had a huge impact on society. Including the sellers food increasingly pressured by the costs to be incurred.

As a result, some traders who do not want to suffer losses actually cheat by harming their customers. Incidents such as price-taking or other fraud are experienced by many customers who come to food stalls.



One is like this customer who is surprised at the fees he has to pay. Only ordering a vegetable menu, he was actually told to pay for other food menus.

Went to the foodcourt in the shopping mall, this lady was a disappointment. Photo: Asia One

Quoting Asia One (22/9), a woman named Dina visited a shop at Food Junction, Rivervale Mall in Singapore. Once there, Dina ordered rice with tomatoes, cabbage, tofu skin and sweet and sour pork.

“I thought I would be pegged at the price of three vegetables and one piece of meat. But this was very surprising when I went to pay for it at the cashier. I was actually billed for two pieces of meat and two vegetables,” said Dina.

Through a photo she uploaded, Dina showed the total price food to be paid. It was stated that for Rp. 65,000, he had to pay for rice with three vegetables and one piece of pork.

Not accepting the price she had to pay, Dina asked the shop workers. He questioned the statement regarding the two pieces of meat that were billed for him even though he only ordered one piece.

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He pegged the price of food three times more expensive. Photo: Asia One

Unexpectedly, the answer from the shop worker was even more surprising. “Tofu skin is expensive now. We calculated it for a piece of meat,” replied the shop worker.

Dina who was speechless after hearing the answer from the worker could only pay for her food and leave immediately. Until he arrived at his house he was still thinking whether now the price of food has gone up to that high?

Dina admitted that she often orders food with the same composition, namely three vegetables and one piece of meat, usually only paying Rp. 17,000. Another thing, Dina admitted, made herself angry because there was no price information on the food menu she ordered.

“Is this fair treatment for customers? I have never ordered tofu skins here but the way they serve customers is very rude. I think they need to tell me that tofu skins are the same as meat, not by directing a high price like that,” said Dinah.

Dina feels herself disappointed with the shop food which he had just visited. If only he had been notified in advance, he would have chosen to order another cut of meat.

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