The increase in fuel prices for companies is half-dead, battered

The increase in fuel prices for companies is half-dead, battered
The increase in fuel prices for companies is half-dead, battered

JAKARTA, – Director of Coca Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP) Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability for Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, Lucia Karina revealed, the increase in fuel prices not only affects workers, but also for companies.

He said that today (23/9/2022), his party was also invited to discuss with the local Transportation Service (Dishub) to discuss the impact of rising fuel prices and requests for increased logistics costs.

“The problem is that with this fuel increase, it’s not only employees who are affected, the company is half-dead and battered. Actually, at 10 o’clock we have a discussion with the Department of Transportation regarding the request for an extraordinary increase in logistics costs,” he said virtually in an exclusive interview, Friday ( 23/9/2022).

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Karina, who is familiarly called, also explained that currently the company is still in dialogue with its employees who work in 19 trade unions regarding the issue of rising fuel prices.

“It’s not easy, yes, related to fuel, but I just had a Bipartite meeting with worker certificates because we have 19 labor unions. So the bipartis had to be divided. They also had time to convey this but they were also aware of the conditions faced by the company,” he continued.

Coca Cola workers who are members of this union did not dismiss the condition of the company which has spent a lot of incentive funds since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

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“Secondly, they also realized that the company itself had provided several incentives. Previously, we had given Covid-19 incentives and the value was quite large,” said Karina.

“At the end of last year, employees received 25 percent as an incentive. Then we provided other incentives in the form of vitamin incentives, quota internet intake, and so on,” he continued.

So, said Karina, the employees who work in the beverage company from the United States (US) understand very well the issue of the impact of rising fuel prices.

“This is a problem that must be faced together by the company and employees, so Alhamdulillah with a position like this they understand that this is also beyond the expectations of the company. Meanwhile, we are also being charged with an extraordinary increase in logistics costs and other costs that also increase not only only logistics costs, but also raw material costs,” he explained.

As long as the bipartite dialogue continues, he hopes to find a solution not only for workers, but also for companies.

“So this is still in the continuous discussion stage. Hopefully there will be a solution soon that can be a middle ground for everything. But what is certain is that discussions with them and they understand our condition so that the demands do not become very critical,” concluded Karina.

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