The Palace Ensures The Government’s Demands for Action Against Rising Fuel Prices Are Heeded

The Palace Ensures The Government’s Demands for Action Against Rising Fuel Prices Are Heeded
The Palace Ensures The Government’s Demands for Action Against Rising Fuel Prices Are Heeded

JAKARTA, – A number of masses from various community organizations held a demonstration against the increase in the price of fuel oil (BBM) around the Horse Statue area, Jakarta, on Friday (23/9/2022).

The head of the Presidential Secretariat (Kasetpres) Heru Budi Hartono ensured that the government would take note of the demands voiced by the masses of the demonstration.

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“Of course there will be officers or staff who will handle it, it can be from the ranks of the Presidential Chief of Staff under Mr. Moeldoko, it can be others, and of course there will be government representatives. Hopefully these demands can be recorded and become the concern of all of us,” said Heru at the Palace Complex. The Presidency, Friday.

Heru assessed that demonstrations are a natural thing to do because they are part of democracy.

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He also believes the protesters have understood the rules related to demonstrations.

“Yes, that’s one of the efforts to promote democracy, yes. It’s natural. Of course, with the requirements, there are permits, and so on. Surely they already understand,” he said.

On the occasion, Heru explained that President Joko Widodo was at the Bogor Palace on Friday.

According to him, this was pre-scheduled and not an attempt to avoid a demonstration to convey aspirations.

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“Oh no, no. Last week, even 10 days ago he was scheduled to be in Bogor today,” he said.

“Incidentally, he was scheduled to be in Bogor last week. Monday to Thursday he is in Jakarta, Fridays are usually quite busy weekends in Bogor,” added Heru.

As previously reported, the mass action from a combination of Islamic community organizations (ormas) on behalf of the National Movement for People’s Defenders (GNPR) will hold a demonstration against the increase in fuel prices.

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According to the demonstration, entitled “Action 2309”, it was held this Friday afternoon in the Arjuna Wijaya Horse Statue area, Central Jakarta.

Chairman of the 212 Alumni Brotherhood (PA) Slamet Ma’arif said his party had sent a notification letter to the police regarding the planned demonstration.

“It’s time on Monday sent by the korlap to Polda Metro Jaya,” said Slamet, Thursday (22/9/2022).

According to Slamet, the demonstration demanding the rejection of the fuel price hike will be attended by thousands of people from various groups.

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The 2309 Action which will be held by GNPR is a continuation of the previous demonstration on 12 September 2022 in the Arjuna Wijaya Horse Statue area.

As is known, the government has officially raised the prices of three types of fuel, namely Pertalite, Pertamax and subsidized diesel starting Saturday (3/9/2022) at 14.30 WIB.

In detail, the price of pertalite rose from IDR 7,650 to IDR 10,000 per liter, diesel fuel rose from IDR 5,150 to 6,800 per liter, and Pertamax rose from IDR 12,500 to IDR 14,500 per liter.

President Joko Widodo said the government had made every effort to protect the people from the fluctuations in world oil prices.

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However, the fuel subsidy and compensation budget for 2022 has tripled from Rp 152.5 trillion to Rp 502.4 trillion. This figure is expected to continue to increase.

Therefore, the government decided to divert the subsidy to the poor through a number of social assistances.

“This is the government’s last option, which is to divert fuel subsidies so that the prices of several types of fuel that have been subsidized so far will be adjusted,” said Jokowi.

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