Rudy Ramawy Passes Away, Who Is He?

Rudy Ramawy Passes Away, Who Is He?
Rudy Ramawy Passes Away, Who Is He?

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Jakarta, – Rudy Ramawy reportedly passed away. Then, who is he?

Rudy is a former Google Indonesia boss who now serves as Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PT Multipolar Tbk (MLPL). Rudy Ramawy passed away on Thursday (22/9/2022) at 21.30 WIB.

This was conveyed by the Commissioner of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Pandu Sjahrir in his Instagram account. “Rest n Peace @rudyramawy May God bless your soul! A kind soul,” wrote Pandu, quoted from, Friday (23/9/2022).

Rudy is known as one of the leaders in the Indonesian technology industry. He served as Deputy CEO of Multipolar from April 2018 until the end of his life. Prior to MLPL, he was Managing Partner at Venture Capital since March 2015 until now. Rudy has also been a Board Member at PT Visionet Internasional or OVO from November 2017 to October 2021.

Deputy CEO of PT Multipolar Tbk (MLPL) Rudy Ramawy passed away at 21.30 on Thursday (23/9). (Photo:

Then a Board Member at Sociolla from July 2015 to June 2020. Rudy also served as a Board Member from August 2015 to January 2020. Rudy was also the Country Director of Google Indonesia in January 2012 – March 2015. He was also a Director at RCTI in 2008-2011. .

In addition, he served as Chief Marketing Officer at PT AXIS Telekom Indonesia in 2005-2008. Rudy has also been in the entertainment world, serving as President Director of Sony Music Entertainment in 2003-2005.

He also served as Managing Director at Warner Music Group from 1999-2022. At Sony Music Entertainment, he was also Marketing & Sales Director in 1997-1999. Rudy has also been a Brand Marketing at Procter & Gamble in 1994-1997.

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