Tenkafuma Mod Apk (All Characters Unlocked + Unlimited Money)

Samudranesia.id – Tenkafuma Mod Apk. In today’s technological developments that are very large and sophisticated. Of course there are various types of exciting games that you can certainly enjoy in your spare time to be entertained.

There are various types of games nowadays. Of course this makes game lovers very interested in trying many games at this time. One of the games people are talking about is Tenkafuma Mod Apk.

So, on the occasion of this review article, we will provide an explanation of the game mod, namely Tenkafuma Mod Apk. Which in it provides features that you can really rely on when playing, of course.

Get to know more about Tenkafuma Games Mod Apk

Tenkafuma Mod Apk is a simulation game that carries the theme of Role Play Games or RPG. Of course this game is very fun to play because it carries the open world theme too. Which is definitely very exciting when you play, right?

As the name suggests, Tenkafuma Mod Apk is made by a Japanese developer company. However, what we are discussing here is the mod version, which of course offers advantages that are not present in the original version.

As time goes by, many enthusiasts are playing this Tenkafuma Mod Apk nowadays. Because of that, the Tenkafuma Mod Apk appeared, which was made by a third party developer that enhances the features in it.

This Tenkafuma Mod Apk can accompany your free time to be able to entertain you at that time. You will be able to choose various female characters who have very beautiful faces in this game for you to play.

Indeed, currently there are many games out there like the Tenkafuma Mod Apk. However, this Tenkafuma Mod Apk has many advantages and its own characteristics when you play it on your Android cellphone device.

RPG simulation games are indeed very popular and highly sought after by gamers. Therefore, this Tenkafuma Mod Apk can fulfill every wish that is desired by every circle of game lovers at this time.

This Tenkfuma Mod Apk can provide more experience to every player who plays this game. You will get very extraordinary graphics that should not be underestimated in it. This will put you at ease.

The gameplay contained in this game is that you will defend a kingdom from enemies who will attack later. You can also complete various kinds of missions in this game, of course.

Features that you can enjoy in Tenkafuma Mod Apk

It is certain that every game of any type at this time must have the features contained in it. Now on this Tenkafuma Mod Apk, you will also get superior features that you can find in it.

The features provided by this mod game will certainly make its users more comfortable and interested in playing it. These features are also interesting, you can get them for free without having to pay anymore.

Of course if you play the original version of the game, you won’t find the features contained in this mod game. For this reason, this game mod prioritizes the interests and convenience of the players.

For that, before you play this Tenkafuma Mod Apk game. You must first know all the game play along with the features contained in this mod version. Don’t worry, we will summarize it especially for you.

So, are you guys looking forward to trying this game? therefore, it is necessary to understand carefully in advance of each feature that you will get when playing this Tenkafuma Mod Apk game.

For that, continue to follow the reviews that we will provide below properly. We will summarize all the features that you will find when playing this mod game for free and are free of charge, of course.

1. There is Unlimited Money

The first feature that you can get when playing this game is that you will never run out of money in the game. Because in this mod game, you will immediately get an unlimited amount of money, of course.

Of course, with this feature, you will be able to make lots of purchases in the game using this money. You can buy equipment from your character, attributes that you can level up and so on.

Then, there is also you can upgrade the defense of your kingdom. This is to prevent your enemies from being able to break through your defenses. So with your strong defense, the kingdom will not break easily.

So you can win the battles in this game very easily. It’s easy to win every match. This will make you quickly reach the last stage.

2. All Characters Are Unlocked

In this game you will also get characters which you will be able to use all of them. Because all the characters in the Tenkafuma Mod Apk are open evenly at the start when you play this game.

It’s different from the original version where you have to make purchases or certain requirements so that each character is open. This mod version presents more characters that you can rely on.

So, with the full range of characters in this mod game, you will be free to choose the character according to your wishes. That way, you can feel the excitement and comfort in this mod version of the game.

3. Unlimited Energy

In every game right now, of course there are several games that use up energy when you play them. This will definitely be annoying, don’t you have to wait for full energy if it runs out while it’s exciting.

For that, in this Tenkafuma Mod Apk game, you will get unlimited energy. That way you can play this game all day long without any interruptions in it.

The Differences That Exist In Tenkafuma Mod Apk With The Original Version

The Differences That Exist In Tenkafuma Mod Apk With The Original Version

Tenkafuma Mod Apk with the original version certainly has many differences in it that you can find. This difference proves that this mod apk version has been upgraded and added many new features in it.

When it comes to features and game play. It is certain that the mod version of the game is superior because the features in it certainly make it comfortable and are presented for the benefit of the users of this Tenkafuma Mod Apk game.

Then, what are the differences in the two versions of this game? You can continue to follow the review articles that we will provide below properly. That way, you can see the difference between the two Tenkafuma games.

Tenkafuma Original Version Tenkafuma Mod Apk
Unlimited money Unlimited money
Limited energy Unlimited energy
Characters are still locked All characters are unlocked
Level not yet open All levels are unlocked

Download link for the Tenkafuma Mod Apk game

Download link for the Tenkafuma Mod Apk game

If you can’t wait to play this mod game after understanding the features and differences in the two versions. Of course, you have to download it immediately to be able to enjoy this game for free.

On this occasion, we will provide a download link where you can download this mod version of the game. You don’t need to look for the game apk anymore because we here have provided it specifically for you, of course.

Then, let’s look at the table that we will provide below. What we will provide is the download link and specifications of the Tenkafuma Mod Apk so that you know the specifications contained in the mod version of the game, of course.

About Tenkafuma Mod Apk
Developers TENKAFUMA
Requirements Android 4.4+
Version Newest Version
Rating On Google Play 4.1/5.0
Downloads 10,000,000+ Downloads
size 80MB
Download links Download Here

Installation Process for Tenkafuma Mod Apk

Installation Process for Tenkafuma Mod Apk

For those of you who have downloaded this mod game, of course you have to do the installation process first before you can play it. For the installation process itself, you have to install it manually, of course.

Because this mod game is not like Google Play which will be installed automatically. You have to do the installation manually. Therefore, here we will provide steps on how to install it yourself.

Maybe most of you already know how to do the installation manually. However, we will provide a method for those of you who are fairly beginners to install this mod version of the game.

So take it easy, make sure you read each method correctly so that the installation process runs quickly.

  1. Download Tenkafuma Mod Apk via the download link above.
  2. Wait for the download to finish.
  3. After that, please enter the cellphone settings menu and go to security then activate “Unknown Sources”.
  4. If so, just look for the mod apk that was downloaded earlier.
  5. If you have found it, just install it and wait for it to finish.
  6. Enjoy The Game !



For those of you who want to easily finish this Tenkafuma Mod Apk game quickly. Here we will provide tips so that you can play this game very well and quickly complete existing missions.

The first thing you need to do is, you have to upgrade your character so that your character will become stronger. Then, don’t forget to buy weapons for the war later.

You also don’t forget to increase your line of defense to prevent sudden enemies from attacking later. Study and pay attention to the weaknesses of the enemies who will attack your defenses.

The final word

If so, that’s all we can share about the Tenkafuma Mod Apk above. Basically this is a mod game where the features in it are further enhanced in order to get convenience for each player.

Hopefully you will get comfort and excitement when playing this mod game. Thanks !

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