Pedro Acosta : Will I join the Red Team next year? It doesn’t matter!

-- – Pedro Acosta talks about his future, whether according to some comments there is truth in being too hasty in moving up to class or not. But the world knows that a great racer has arrived in MotoGP to dominate. His first year was a dream and he was able to become Moto3 World Champion. Pedro himself admitted that he exceeded all his expectations. Now, in his second year in Moto2, he can also become Champion of that category and enter MotoGP through the front door, not the side door or back door or even a deposit.

There is a possibility that Acosta will wear GasGas’ red livery… “I don’t really know what will happen. I know there’s been a lot of talk about this possibility. But what I can say is that I believe KTM will find a good option. After that, I wouldn’t mind wearing red next year either. We’ll see,” he said.

Pedro Acosta 2023

Pedro had an almost perfect season, with only one crash at Le Mans. “It’s true that I can’t complain. Everything has been going well since the start of the season. But it’s also not surprising. This is the fruit of the hard work my team and I put in over the winter. We managed to improve things that were difficult for me last season, like qualifying and my speed in the first laps of the race.”

Pedro’s character amazes everyone, appearing more mature than his age. “I learned a lot, even though I’ve only been at the world championships for three years. And one of the main things I learned is that sometimes we take results too seriously. For me, it’s not something that shows that we are the best, or that we are faster or slower. Think back to last season. I won three races, of course, but most importantly, it was a year in which I learned a lot, in which I managed to grow, as a man and as a rider. The only thing we have to do is keep believing in ourselves and stay calm. We must attack when the time is right and take control when the situation requires it.”

If it’s GasGas, who will be evicted?

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