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WOMAN the Cambodian beauty who is called Marselino Ferdinan, Phyadeth Rotha, gave the code ready to come to Indonesia. He demonstrated this code by undergoing a studio photo session, while holding Indonesian and Cambodian flags.

The name Phyadeth Rotha caught the attention of Indonesian netizens when she carried trays in the procession for handing over the gold medal in the 2023 SEA Games for the Indonesian U-22 national team on Tuesday, May 16 2023 evening WIB.

(The moment when Marselino Ferdinan greets Phyadeth Rotha)

Apart from her beautiful face, Phyadeth Rotha attracted attention because she was called Marselino Ferdinan. The U-22 Indonesian National Team midfielder greeted Phyadeth Rotha by nodding her head.

After the moment above, Phyadeth Rotha’s Instagram account @phyyaa_deth was followed by many Indonesian netizens. From initially having only 800 followers, Phyadeth Rotha’s followers have now crossed 74,200!

Many Indonesian netizens have asked Phyadeth Rotha to come to Indonesia. Phyadeth Rotha is predicted that if she comes to Indonesia, she will be invited to several Indonesian television stations.

Last night, Phyadeth Rotha gave a code as if she was ready to fly to Indonesia. This was shown by Phyadeth Rotha wearing a Cambodian national team jersey, plus holding Indonesian and Cambodian flags in a photo shoot.

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That moment was captured by Phyadeth Rotha’s friend who is Miss Eco Teen Cambodia 2022, Thearyka Bunre. Now the question is, if he really came to Indonesia, would Phyadeth Rotha be present when the Indonesian national team appeared on the June 2023 FIFA Matchday?

(Phyadeth Rotha seen holding the Indonesian flag)

If so, the chances of Phyadeth Rotha meeting her two favorite players are very high. In a question and answer session with Indonesian netizens, Phyadeth Rotha admitted that she admired two U-22 Indonesian national team players, namely Pratama Arhan and Marselino Ferdinan.


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