Asked about LGBT, Neymar: We only love women

Asked about LGBT, Neymar: We only love women
Asked about LGBT, Neymar: We only love women

Sunday, November 27 2022 – 11:23 WIB

VIVA Ball – The issue of LGBT emerged at the 2022 World Cup. The England, Wales, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany to Denmark national teams are adamant about wearing the rainbow captain’s armband with the words ‘One Love’ written on it.

As in the previous match, the German national team held a protest action by posing to cover their mouths, as a form of protest to the Government of Qatar and FIFA regarding the ban and not allowing the LGBT community to come to Qatar.

German national team players protest against the banning of the One Love captain’s armband by FIFA

Meanwhile, the Danish national team has threatened to withdraw from the 2022 World Cup if the Qatari government and FIFA still enforce these regulations. Because the LGBT community is a human right, that was conveyed by the Danish Football Federation.

In this regard, the Brazilian national team star, Neymar was asked at a press conference. According to various sources, this Paris Saint-Germain player has a simple and classy answer when asked about LGBT.

“In the (Brazil) national team, we only love women,” said Neymar.

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