Wow! Chelsea sacked, Thomas Tuchel family threatened to be expelled from England

Wow! Chelsea sacked, Thomas Tuchel family threatened to be expelled from England
Wow! Chelsea sacked, Thomas Tuchel family threatened to be expelled from England

The German has just 90 days after his sacking to leave England, according to the rules

Thomas Tuchel is reportedly in danger of leaving England after his dismissal at Chelsea left his visa status unclear.

The German coach was appointed in 2021 by the owner The Blues at that time, Roman Abramovich, and successfully won the European Champions League in his first season.

However, despite giving him a new £250m worth of new signings, new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly opted to sack Tuchel just weeks after the 2022/23 season kicked off.

Tuchel in danger of being expelled from England?

As new manager Graham Potter takes advantage of the international break to prepare for his first Premier League game for The BluesTuchel had to face an administrative disaster.

According to The TelegraphTuchel arrived in the UK on a post-Brexit work permit visa, leaving him only 90 days before being expelled from the UK since his dismissal at Chelsea.

However, the situation remains unclear, with the report underscoring that Tuchel is one of the first foreign managers to join a Premier League club after post-Brexit regulations were enforced.

“We will act according to British rules and adjust all future plans,” Tuchel’s representative told Telegraph. “The final decision has not yet been taken.”

For now, Tuchel is still living in England, while his daughters attend school in Surrey, and he is reportedly happy in England.

Tuchel’s response after being sacked by Chelsea

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“This is one of the statement hardest I’ve ever written – and statement which I hope I don’t have to write about for years. I am devastated that my time at Chelsea is over,” he wrote Twitter.

“This is a club where I feel right at home, both professionally and personally. A big thank you to all the staff, players and supporters for making me feel so welcome from the start.”

“The pride and joy I feel while helping this team win the Champions League and Club World Cup will forever be with me. I am honored to be a part of the history of this club and the memories of the last 19 months will always have a special place in my heart.” .

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