iPhone 15 Series Now Uses USB Type-C Cable, What’s the Effect?

iPhone 15 Series Now Uses USB Type-C Cable, What’s the Effect?
iPhone 15 Series Now Uses USB Type-C Cable, What’s the Effect?

RADARMUKOMUKO.COM – On September 12, Apple officially launched the iPhone 15 Series.

This latest iPhone comes with updated specifications and supports charging with a USB Type-C port.

For your information, the iPhone 15 Series officially launched by Apple consists of the Regular iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The use of the USB C port present on the iPhone 15 is said to have had a very long journey.

In fact, it took Apple about 11 years to replace their Lightning charging port with USB C.

The use of USB C has also been eagerly awaited by iPhone users because with the presence of this USB C port, users can transfer data and charge quickly.

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Apple has officially said that there is an impact on the use of USB C in their latest iPhones.

The first effect, with the presence of USB C on the iPhome 15 Series, is flexibility in terms of power or data transfer.

The use of USB C on this latest iPhone variant can make charging more flexible and data transfer easier.

Because, when charging, the newest iPhone no longer needs to use an exclusive cable.

So the four iPhone models only need to use the same universal cable.

The second influence is related to data transfer speed. In data transfer, using USB C is claimed to be faster compared to Lighting.

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