Antam Opens Up About Having to Compensate 1.1 Tons of Gold to Surabaya Conglomerate

Antam Opens Up About Having to Compensate 1.1 Tons of Gold to Surabaya Conglomerate
Antam Opens Up About Having to Compensate 1.1 Tons of Gold to Surabaya Conglomerate

JAKARTA, – PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) or Antam responded to the decision of the Supreme Court (MA) which rejected the judicial review (PK) of the conglomerate from Surabaya, Budi Said.

This refusal meant that Antam had to pay compensation to Budi Said with 1,136 kilograms or 1.1 tonnes of gold bullion.

Regarding this, Antam’s Corporate Secretary Division Head Syarif Faisal Alkadrie stated that his party respects the decision.

“However, we are still waiting to obtain a copy of the decision in question,” he told, Monday (18/9/2023).

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According to him, the company has implemented its rights and obligations for all buying and selling transactions in accordance with applicable regulations.

The company has delivered all goods according to the quantity paid by the plaintiff to the authorized party with reference to the official prices in effect at that time.

“The plaintiff’s allegations were made by individuals who acted outside their authority and were not in accordance with company regulations,” said Faisal.

He added, as a public company, Antam is bound by various provisions and is regularly supervised by authorized government agencies or institutions, so that it always carries out business practices in accordance with good corporate governance and applicable regulations.

Quoting the official website of the Supreme Court, the decision to reject Antam’s PK against Budi Said was set for September 12 2023. The PK application was submitted by Antam through Nicolas D. Kanter who is Antam’s President Director on June 21 2023 with case number 158/PDT.G/2020/PN. SBY.

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With this decision, the cassation decision previously submitted by Budi Said has permanent legal force. Antam had to pay compensation to Budi Said with 1.1 tons of gold bullion.

According to the previous cassation decision, the Supreme Court decided to sentence Antam as defendant I to pay material losses to the plaintiff, namely Budi Said, with gold bars weighing 1,136 kilograms or around 1.1 tonnes.

“If you do not hand over gold bullion weighing 1,136 kilograms, it can be replaced with money equivalent to the price of gold at the time of implementing this decision,” stated the decision of the Supreme Court panel of judges on the website of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia, Tuesday (23/8/2022).

This case started when Budi Said bought 7,071 kilograms of gold through Eksi Anggraeni as marketing from Antam’s Surabaya branch for IDR 3.5 trillion in 2018.

However, of the agreed total, the gold bullion that Budi Said received was only 5,935 kilograms, while he never received the difference of 1,136 kilograms of Antam gold.

He was interested in buying the gold because he was tempted by the discount program that Eksi explained. However, after making payments via transfer in stages, Budi Said never received the shortage of gold he had purchased.

As a result of no more gold being sent, Budi Said felt cheated, which then took legal action, where Budi Said sued Antam at the Surabaya District Court for the lack of gold he had not received.

Through a long trial process since 2020, starting from the Surabaya District Court to the Supreme Court level, Budi Said finally won the lawsuit.

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