Apple Releases iOS 16.3, What Are the New Features?

Apple Releases iOS 16.3, What Are the New Features?
Apple Releases iOS 16.3, What Are the New Features?

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Apple officially released iOS 16.3 for all devices that support the update. What are the newest features?

Launching GSM Arena, the latest iOS is equipped with support for security keys for Apple ID. This feature allows users to apply two-factor authentication physically when logging in to their Apple ID.

Apple has also embedded the Emergency SOS feature on iOS 16.3. This feature was actually introduced at Apple’s event last September.



As quoted by Cnet, on iOS 16.3 the Call with Hold option was replaced by Call with Hold and Release.

If the user activates the Call with Hold and Release feature, the user can hold down the side button and the volume button to start the countdown and alarm.

After that countdown, the user can release the button to make the iPhone make an emergency call independently.

In the previous version, users via Call with Hold had to press the side and volume buttons to bring up the Emergency SOS slider.

After that, if the user holds down the two buttons, the countdown will end and your phone will make an emergency call.

Furthermore, Apple also patched the security holes found in the previous version. As of iOS 16.3 Apple provided that patch for Apple Mobile File Integrity, ImageIO, Kernel, Mail, Maps, Safari, and WebKit.

Launching 9to5mac, examples of security holes in weather applications (Weather app) can allow hackers to enter the privacy preferences of users who are the target.

In addition, Apple has also closed two security holes in WebKit which is the driving force for Safari and other browsers on iOS. Here’s a list of updates on iOS 16.3.

– New wallpaper to honor the history of black people in celebration of Black History Month.

– Security Keys for Apple ID which allows users to further strengthen their individual account security by implementing a physical security key as part of two-factor authentication.

– Emergency SOS is now implemented by holding down the side button together with the volume up or down button and then releasing it to prevent accidental emergency calls.

– Resolve problems in Freeform.

– Solved the problem of the wallpaper sometimes turning black on the Lock Screen.

– Resolved an issue where horizontal lines might sometimes appear when turning on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

– Resolved the problem of widgets on the Home Lock Screen sometimes inaccurately displaying the status of applications on the Home.

– Resolved an issue where Siri would sometimes not respond properly to requests for music

– Resolved Siri issue in CarPlay feature.


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