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Ferry Irawan’s threat to Venna Melinda if you don’t want peace

Ferry Irawan’s threat to Venna Melinda if you don’t want peace
Ferry Irawan’s threat to Venna Melinda if you don’t want peace

Ferry Irawan has been named a suspect in the alleged domestic violence (KDRT) case. Since then, he has continued to urge Venna Melinda to make peace.

Venna Melinda is still focusing on the legal process that is currently underway at the East Java Regional Police. Meanwhile, Ferry Irawan, on the other hand, admitted that he objected to a number of things conveyed by Venna Melinda.

It was said by Ferry Irawan’s lawyer, Jeffry Simatupang, that his client felt that Venna Melinda had conveyed a disgrace. In a desperate situation, Ferry could have attacked Venna again.



“Even if there are still efforts to make peace, let’s focus on efforts to process it. Don’t let one and the other reveal each other’s disgrace,” said Jeffry Simatupang, recently.

“After the results of my discussion with Pak Ferry, it turns out that there is a secret that has been kept for a long time. So, if Pak Ferry is cornered even worse, he will move and fight,” he continued.

According to him, as conveyed by Ferry Irawan, he kept Venna Melinda’s family’s disgrace. The incident occurred in Bogor.

“That’s why Pak Ferry will convey about the case that occurred in Bogor,” he concluded.

On the other hand, Venna Melinda admitted that she had closed her eyes and ears about Ferry Irawan. Currently, he can only go through the process so that the problem is quickly resolved.

“So if I’m at this point, what should I do? Yes, that’s fate. People talk, I close my eyes,” said Venna Melinda in Rumpi: No Secret Trans TV.

Venna Melinda emphasized that it was not easy for her to go through all the processes that she reported to the police. Where Venna Melinda also emphasized that it had an impact on her family.

“Even though I ended up like this, that’s how it went, because it’s not easy to go through a legal process with a downturn where one family is also affected,” he said.

“If you want to say it’s embarrassing, my family is even more embarrassed. What’s more, my mother was extremely disappointed,” said Venna Melinda.

Currently, Ferry Irawan is in the custody of the East Java Regional Police. He faces up to 5 years in prison in this case.

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