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Viral! NASA’s Aircraft Ready to Hit Earth-threatening Asteroids

Viral! NASA’s Aircraft Ready to Hit Earth-threatening Asteroids
Viral! NASA’s Aircraft Ready to Hit Earth-threatening Asteroids

URBANBOGOR.COM – The United States Space Agency (NASA) recently informed that it deliberately built a plane to crash into an asteroid that threatens the earth.

The asteroid is known as Dimorphos. The mission launched 10 months ago and is headed for Dimorphos, a small moon orbiting the near-Earth asteroid Didymos.

Although the existence of the asteroid Dimorphos is said to be not a threat to Earth, NASA will still launch its plane to avoid another collision that endangers mankind.

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On September 26, 2022, the spaceship Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART) will perform an asteroid impact not far from Earth.

This information is known to the public because one of NASA’s uploads on twitter the official said it had taken the scenic route when the DART mission was launched.

As our DARTMission hurtles toward a deliberate impact with Dimorphos, the moon asteroid poses no threat to Earth,” he wrote, which has been translated into Indonesian.

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In addition, NASA also wrote that its spacecraft imagers have captured images of the planet Jupiter and its four largest moons.

The article is in Indonesian

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