Used to want to be a governor of DKI Jakarta, now he is a suspect in corruption

Used to want to be a governor of DKI Jakarta, now he is a suspect in corruption
Used to want to be a governor of DKI Jakarta, now he is a suspect in corruption

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has named Hasnaeni (H) alias ‘Golden Woman’ as one of the suspects in the alleged corruption case of irregularities or misappropriation of PT Waskita Beton Precast funds in 2016-2020. The golden woman had participated in the selection of the DKI cagub in the 2012 gubernatorial election.

At that time, Hasnaeni’s name was known because of his poster which read ‘Women of Gold turns trash into gold’. Hasnaeni bravely participated in the selection for the PDIP DKI cagub.

“Hasnaeni is an external PDIP person from PD. That one is the golden woman,” said the person in charge of registration for the DKI cagub from PDIP who is also the Head of the PDIP Political Department Marihot Napitupulu, at the DPD PDIP DKI Jakarta office, Jl Tebet Raya No 46, Jakarta, Saturday (19/11/2011).



According to Marihot, Hasnaeni has submitted the nomination documents for the governor of DKI Jakarta from the PDIP on Friday (18/11). Hasnaini was the first candidate to submit the dossier. The second candidate who submitted the file was Deputy Mayor of Surabaya, Bambang DH.

Marihot added that Hasnaini came from outside the PDIP. Hasnaeni is a PD politician. “Hasnaeni is an external PDIP person from PD,” said Marihot.

Hasnaeni’s name, not known to many people. However, it has been discussed because the poster of the golden woman is perched on the mini Metro, Kopaja and buses in Jabodetabek.

In the end, Hasnaeni never became a governor of DKI. In fact, in the end, he actually supported Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) to run as a cagub for DKI in the 2017 gubernatorial election.

Nevertheless, Hasnaeni did not lose his enthusiasm in pursuing a career in politics, Hasnaeni once advanced as a candidate in blue shirt, the Democratic Party. Based on the Permanent Candidate List on the website, Friday (10/18/2013), he was registered as a candidate for the DPR RI from the DKI 2 electoral district with serial number 7.

Just like before the DKI gubernatorial election, the daughter of PDIP politician Max Moein again spread stickers on city transportation. Hasnaeni appeared in a Democrat Party blue suit, still with the tagline ‘Women of Gold’ written in gold ink and the slogan ‘Changing’. This slogan is not much different from the one he used in the celebration of the last DKI Regional Election, namely ‘turning trash into gold’.

Hasnaeni’s constituencies include South Jakarta, Central Jakarta, and Overseas. Hasnaeni had to compete with a number of strong figures in the Democratic Party such as Melani Leimena Suharli and Kastorius Sinaga. Hasnaeni is in serial number 7 which is also a distended number.

Even so, the fate of the golden woman in the world of politics has not been lucky. His dream to enter Senayan also ran aground.

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