Add 70 ETLE Cameras, Metro Police: Active 1×24 Hours

Add 70 ETLE Cameras, Metro Police: Active 1×24 Hours
Add 70 ETLE Cameras, Metro Police: Active 1×24 Hours

JAKARTA, – Polda Metro Jaya plans to add 70 electronic traffic law enforcement (ETLE) cameras to be deployed in the DKI Jakarta area.

All ETLE cameras in the capital will be active 1×24 hours to monitor motorists violating traffic.

Dirlantas Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Latif Usman said the addition of traffic violation enforcement devices would be carried out in stages until 2023.

“We are still adding points so that in 2023, there are 70 more points that will be added,” Latif told reporters at Polda Metro Jaya, Thursday (22/9/2022).

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According to Latif, the ELTE camera will be activated for 1×24 hours to monitor vehicle movements and community activities on the highway.

According to the plan, the camera will be prioritized on protocol roads and also areas that are dense with community activities.

Latif has not been able to explain in detail the latest points in DKI Jakarta where the ETLE camera will be installed.

“In 1×24 hours there are community activities, so this ETLE camera will be installed thoroughly. Regarding the points, of course the protocol roads and (areas) of community activities that occur 1×24 hours,” said Latif.

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Latif hopes that with the addition of ETLE cameras in the DKI Jakarta area, manual fines for drivers who violate traffic rules can be eliminated.

“The target is as soon as possible. If it is supported, everything will be done immediately. If this year it can’t be done, it definitely needs a budget, it needs planning,” he concluded.

(Author: Tria Sutrisna | Editor: Ivany Atina Arbi)

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