From Alleged Private Jet Use to Luxury Lifestyle

From Alleged Private Jet Use to Luxury Lifestyle
From Alleged Private Jet Use to Luxury Lifestyle

JAKARTA, – Former Head of the Internal Security Bureau (Karo Paminal) of the National Police’s Professional and Security Division (Propam), Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan, was again dragged into controversy.

The former subordinate of Ferdy Sambo is now rumored to be involved in the use of a private jet in the case of the death of Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat or Brigadier J.

Previously, Hendra’s name had been in the spotlight several times because of his so-called luxurious lifestyle, until his role in the case of Joshua’s death.

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The following is a series of controversies by Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan.

Private jet

Most recently, Brigadier General Hendra was said to have used a private jet when he left for Brigadier J’s family home in Jambi, shortly after Joshua’s death on July 8, 2022.

This allegation was first revealed by Indonesia Police Watch (IPW). According to IPW, Hendra went to Jambi with a number of other Polri personnel, including Kombes Pol Agus Nurpatria, Kombes Pol Susanto, AKP Rifazal Samual, Bripda Fernanda, Brigadier Sigit, First Brigadier Putu, and First Brigadier Mika.

At that time, Hendra was ordered by Ferdy Sambo, who was still his superior, to explain to the family about the death of Brigadier J.

“He was ordered by his superiors Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, who at that time was the Head of the Propam Division of the National Police Headquarters to Jambi to meet the family of Brigadier Yosua to provide an explanation for the death of his aide,” said IPW Chairman Sugeng Teguh Santoso in a written statement, Sunday (19/9/2022), as quoted from

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Sugeng said Brigadier General Hendra and his entourage left for Jambi using a T7-JAB private jet.

The jet, according to IPW, belongs to someone with the initials RBT alias Bong. The figure is also referred to as the chairman of the Indonesian online gambling consortium.

“In IPW’s record is the chairman of the Indonesian online gambling consortium headquartered on Jalan Gunawarman, South Jakarta, which is only 200 meters from the National Police Headquarters,” said Sugeng.

The jet was also said to have been used by AH and YS, the figures whose names were recorded in the issue of the 303 Consortium for the DKI Jakarta area.

“The private jet T7-JAB is known to be often used by AH and YS for business flights from Jakarta to Bali,” said Sugeng.

Sugeng revealed that the jet that Hendra and his entourage were traveling in was related to the consortium gambling mafia.

“It is suspected that the use of this aircraft has a correlation with bookies 303,” he said in the broadcast TV CompassThursday (22/9/2022).

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Recently, Sugeng revealed the allegation that the jet used by Hendra was a Bomber 900 XP type and was registered in San Marino, Europe.

“Hendra Kurniawan and his entourage went to Jambi using private jet Bomber 900 XP type with flight register T7 registered in San Marino,” he said.

The police have spoken out about this allegation. The Head of the National Police Public Relations Division, Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo, said that this was part of the deepening material for the Special Team (Timsus) of the National Police who investigated the case of Brigadier J.

“That’s part of the Timsus material, especially the Bureau of Supervision and Professional Development (Wabprof of the National Police Porpam Division),” said Dedi at the National Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Monday (19/9/2022).

Luxury lifestyle

Previously, Brigadier General Hendra’s lifestyle had been in the spotlight. He is called a luxurious lifestyle because he often changes cars.

This was mentioned by a member of Commission III of the DPR RI from the PDI-P faction, Arteria Dahlan, during a working meeting between Commission III and the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) to Komnas HAM, Monday (22/8/2022).

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At first, Arteria highlighted the performance of Kompolnas in supervising Polri personnel.

“I finally spoke to person-lah. How about a Karo Paminal with a lifestyle like that,” said Arteria.

“This is visible, sir. We can’t talk about the person, so I finally talked about the person. Set, come in, what car is it, put it (car) again, put it (car) again. This is beyond the ability of a karo, sir, at the National Police Headquarters,” he said.

Arteria then quoted a statement made by the Daily Chief of Kompolnas, Benny Mamoto. He said that in the Police, good people tend to be stressed.

People who used to act right, can turn out to be wrong.

“Antique people even get privileges,” said Arteria.

Arteria asked Kompolnas to explain these irregularities. He also encouraged Kompolnas to really carry out its duties as a police observer.

No recording

The figure of Brigadier General Hendra has been under intense scrutiny since the beginning of the case of Brigadier J’s death being revealed. He was said to have intimidated the family when Joshua’s body arrived at the funeral home.

The National Police Chief once revealed that Hendra’s “sins” in this case included forbidding the family to record the body of Brigadier J.

At that time, Hendra came directly to the funeral home of Brigadier J’s family in Jambi.

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“Brigjen Pol Hendra, Karopaminal (now ex-Karopaminal) explained and asked not to be recorded at that time for reasons related to disgrace,” said Listyo Sigit in a working meeting of the National Police Chief with Commission III of the DPR which was held on Wednesday (24/8/2022).

To the family, Hendra explained about the number of gunshot wounds and other injuries on Brigadier J.

So suspect

In the aftermath of this case, Hendra was initially deactivated from his position as Karo Paminal on July 20, 2022.

Two weeks later, he was removed from his position and transferred to the Police Headquarters Service (Yanma) on August 4, 2022.

On September 1, 2022, Hendra was named a suspect obstruction of justice or the act of obstructing the investigation of the death of Brigadier J.

Hendra is not the only policeman named as a suspect obstruction of justice. There are six other Polri personnel who are suspects, namely Ferdy Sambo, Kombes Agus Nurpatria, AKBP Arif Rachman Arifin, Kompol Baiquni Wibowo, Kompol Chuck Putranto, and AKP Irfan Widyanto.

The suspects were charged with Article 49 in conjunction with Article 33 and/or Article 48 Paragraph (1) in conjunction with Article 32 paragraph (1) of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions. The penalty can be 8 to 10 years in prison.

They are also subject to Article 221 Paragraph (1) and 233 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 55 of the Criminal Code and/or Article 56 of the Criminal Code with the threat of imprisonment from 9 months to 4 years in prison.

In addition, so far 34 police officers have been removed from their positions and transferred to the Police Headquarters Service. They were suspected of violating the code of ethics because they were not professional in handling the case of Brigadier J.

Several of them have been fired from the National Police, namely Ferdy Sambo, Commissioner Baiquni Wibowo, Commissioner Chuck Putranto, Kombes Agus Nurpatria, and AKBP Jerry Raymond Siagian.

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In this case, the police have also named five suspects for suspected premeditated murder, one of which is former Head of the National Police Propam Division, Ferdy Sambo.

Sambo allegedly ordered Richard Eliezer or Bharada E to shoot Joshua at his official residence in Duren Tiga, South Jakarta, Friday (8/7/2022).

Afterwards, he fired Brigadier J’s pistol into the walls of his house to make it appear as if a gunfight ensued.

In this murder case, there are four suspects besides Sambo, namely Bharada E, Ricky Rizal or Bripka RR, Strong Ma’ruf, and Putri Candrawathi.

The five were charged with premeditated murder and were charged with Article 340 subsidiary Article 338 in conjunction with Article 55 and Article 56 of the Criminal Code (KUHP).

The maximum penalty is the death penalty, life imprisonment, or a maximum imprisonment of 20 years.

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