Appearing Without Shirts to Festive Dances with Girls

Appearing Without Shirts to Festive Dances with Girls
Appearing Without Shirts to Festive Dances with Girls

Slank successfully kicked off the Pestapora Stage at Gambir Expo, Central Jakarta.

Kaka Slank the vocalist as usual appeared wearing a T-shirt, hat, and jeans made of pants.

The song I Miss You But I Hate You managed to make the audience hysterical and screaming. The chant of the first song seemed to anesthetize the audience.



Every now and then a ridiculous scream was heard from the audience to attract Kaka cs’s attention.

“Slank is indeed a virus!” shouted one of the spectators at Pestapora, Friday (23/9/2022).

Then what’s interesting about this appearance is that Slank doesn’t forget their habits, which seem ridiculous but become their trademark.

Kaka as usual continued to perform stage climbing action. His action made the audience more engrossed in enjoying the party night with Slank.

Kaka’s action was carried out while singing the song Tong Empty. The audience cheered.

Slank stage at Pestapora 2022 the first day, Friday (23/9/2022). Photo: Pingkan/detikcom

Not only that, another Slank ritual was also marked again through Kaka’s action of taking off his T-shirt.

Sweat, long curly wet hair, and the distinctive belt wrapped around Kaka’s pants were visible.

At that time Kaka was singing the song Orchestra Sick of the Heart.

What was even more interesting was that at that time, Kaka invited several female audience members to come on stage.

A row of women also went up to the stage while dancing with Kaka. This ritual is always done by Slank on every stage.

Not just silent, the women who went up to the stage also competed to take selfies, hug, and kiss the Slank frontman.

Hot, the audience was getting busier to enliven the event to see the show at that time.

Slank also thanked the audience for being present to enliven the event.

Then, the song You Must Go Home was sung as a sign that the Slank encounter at Pestapora was over.


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