Present as Playfest 2022 Sponsor, JULO Invites Thousands of Visitors to Istora Senayan to be Ready to Fly

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Indonesian technology company – PT. JULO Financial Technology (JULO) this time had the opportunity to become the official sponsor of the Playfest 2022 event held by

Held offline at Istora Senayan on 17 September 2022, the event with the title ReactiveYourSense combines sessions Ideas Collaboration, Creatalks and Music Experience in one festival so that participants are able to gain various insights and perspectives in collaboration to be ready to accelerate their work.

Maliq & D’Essentials Performance at Playfest 2022.

Present by carrying out the Ready to Fly campaign, JULO presents a Music Experience collaboration with one of Indonesia’s leading music groups – Maliq & D’Essentials.

Through a live performance of the collaboration of musical works ‘Indonesia SIAPMELESAT ’, JULO invites 4500 Playfest visitors to continue to have the passion to work in achieving their dreams and be ready to be able to improve their quality of life.

Especially with the introduction of the full features of JULO Digital Credit – from withdrawing funds, sending funds, paying e-commerce bills, refilling e-wallet to paying bills online – as a financial solution, which was presented through the excitement of the JULO Experience Booth during the event.

In addition to the introduction of features, visitors are also invited to play Bidik Dreams Using JULO while reminding the importance of wisely managing money to achieve dreams and being ready to express themselves through a karaoke duet with Maliq & D’essentials with a variety of interesting merchandise from JULO.

Spinwheel Experience Booth

Head of Marketing, Mikhal Anindita said, “Collaboration in the Playfest 2022 event is one of JULO’s commitments in embracing all levels of society to be more financially literate and empowered through financial stability. As illustrated by the lyrics of the music collaboration ‘Indonesia SIAPMELESAT ’, whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever needs you have – you can make your dreams come true and seize any opportunity. For this reason, JULO is ready to be a financial solution for the people of Indonesia – by providing digital wallet features to paying for e-commerce – and can be a practical cashless payment alternative that can be used by all users in all 37 provinces of Indonesia. Thus, more and more people will have access to digital credit and help create public financial inclusion in the long term.”

Complementing the Music Experience and Experience Booth collaboration, JULO together with Samuel Ray – a practitioner of Frugal Living & Content Creator and Devan Demotivator held a talk show with the theme Culture Nowadays: Get Smart with Your Financial in the Creatalks session.

In the talkshow session, Samuel Ray and Devan invited the visitors to practice mindfulness in their daily activities – one of them by implementing careful planning in financial management.

The hope is that visitors – especially millennials – can be more aware of doing financial planning and can take advantage of digital credit instruments in a planned manner as a financial solution in the midst of a cashless lifestyle.

Creatalks Session
Creatalk Session

Frugal Living & Content Creator practitioner Samuel Ray said, “It is very important to apply mindfulness in all activities – including financial management. In addition to saving and investing, the careful use of digital credit and credit can help in managing financial conditions. One of them, there is a recorded usage record in the application. Therefore, public opinion that often considers credit as a financial trap is not at all appropriate. Especially, if the credit limit is used in accordance with financial capabilities and responsibly and with the awareness that credit is an instrument for delaying payments, not free additional money.”

Having been present in Indonesia for more than five years, JULO has a commitment to present the spirit of empowerment through access to digital credit that is evenly distributed across all levels of society.

In addition to bringing the spirit of the Ready to Rise campaign at Playfest 2022, this commitment is also carried out continuously through feature innovations in cash and non-cash transactions as well as strategic collaborations with various parties – such as Grab and eFishery.

It is hoped that by doing so, JULO can actively contribute to meeting the government’s financial inclusion target of 90 percent by 2024.

ending photo crew
Ending Photo Crew

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