Film Review: Noktah Merah Marriage

Film Review: Noktah Merah Marriage
Film Review: Noktah Merah Marriage

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Of course Red Dot of Marriage is the result of an adaptation of soap operas from the ’90s era, but director Sabrina Rochelle Kalangie was able to take the story and repackage it into something new and beautiful.

Although the conflict shown is practically no different from the soap opera version, namely problems between husband and wife, this remake version is very realistic and relevant to the present, both in terms of character and behavior in each scene.

Watching Noktah Merah Marriage is not only seeing how Marsha Timothy as Ambar and Oka Antara as Gilang fight, but also understanding how a household faces various storms that hit.



Storms and even then can occur from many factors, both internal and external, as well as how the audience sees the gap that makes the ship of a marriage threatened with sinking.

For example, what if the couple’s different attitudes in dealing with problems that come up, do these attitudes help solve the problem or make it more complicated and burning.

However, what makes the story of Noktah Merah Perkawinan more relevant to the real world is how Sabrina and writer Titien Wattimena describe the characters.

Sabrina and Titien don’t make one character the victim with the other as the ‘bad guy’. No one is really a ‘bad guy’ in this film. The main couple in this film is really depicted as two people who have strengths and weaknesses, like ordinary humans in general.

Film review: Noktah Merah Perkawinan is not only about how Marsha Timothy as Ambar and Oka Antara as Gilang fight. (doc. Rapi Films via YouTube)

Meanwhile, with the presence of a third person who is usually a savory spice in a stereotype that is already ‘standard’ in soap operas, it is shown differently in this big screen version of Noktah Merah Perkawinan.

Sabrina and Titien do not judge Yulinar (Sheila Dara Aisha) absolutely as a nuisance to Ambar and Gilang’s household. Instead, Sabrina and Titien describe how Yuli became a calm haven for Gilang in the midst of a stormy marriage.

Sabrina and Titien provide a humanist perspective on the third person, when the natural love for a human being grows for someone who has made a sacred promise to someone else.

Shouldn’t Yuli as someone outside of Ambar and Gilang’s marriage to love the man just because he ‘came later’ than Ambar? Will Yuli then be the one to blame when she can give what Gilang feels is missing from Ambar?

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Film Review: Noktah Merah Marriage


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