Signs Indonesian Films Are Enthusiastic Again After Being Beaten by the Pandemic


After being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the film industry was one of the affected. Many Indonesian films have changed their shooting schedule until they are broadcast.

More than two years of being forced to adapt, now Indonesian films are starting and getting more and more excited. September 2022, the number of viewers of Indonesian films is said to be able to outperform foreign film audiences.

Judging from, films that have succeeded in reaching millions of viewers, such as KKN Desa Penari (9,233,847), Pengabdi Setan 2 (6,390,970), Miracle In Cell No 7 (3,543,856), Horror- Creepy Sedap (2,886,122), Ivanna (2,793,775), Broken Wings (2,414,405), Stealing Raden Saleh (2,248,931), Ku Kira You Home (2,220,180), The Doll 3 (1,764. 077), and Kuntilanak 3 (1,313,304).



KKN Film in Uncut Dancer Village Photo: Special

Falcon Pictures producer Frederica also highlighted this. He is very proud of the achievements achieved by Indonesian films.

“Praise God, it is an honor for us, because at this time Indonesian film lovers are so in love with Indonesian films. Moreover, Miracle In Cell No. 7, which is currently still showing in theaters, is one of the films that has an audience of over 3 million. This news is an encouragement for us to be able to work even better,” said Frederica.

Ivanna Film and Satan’s Servant Film 2 Photo: Special

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Film Companies or APFI, Chand Parwez admitted that he was also very happy with the phenomenon that shows Indonesian films being the hosts in their own country.

“Alhamdulillah, this is the first history in the film world, if Indonesian films can exceed the gains for western film audiences. I hope it can last until the end of the year. I am also happy because APFI also has a contribution to make,” said Chand Parwez.

Apart from cinemas, the acquisition of the number of viewers is also calculated from films that are shown on Over The Top or OTT.

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