Dizzy Director Finds English Title for Horror, Horror, Delicious

Dizzy Director Finds English Title for Horror, Horror, Delicious
Dizzy Director Finds English Title for Horror, Horror, Delicious

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Director Bene Dion Rajagukguk admits that he is dizzy when he has to find an English title for Horrible Horror Delicious. Determination of an English title is required ahead of showing the film on streaming services next October.

We discussed for a long time looking for an English title for Horrible Horror Sedap. Genuine, dizzy,” wrote Bene Dion on his Twitter account complete with a laughing emoji, Friday (23/9).

In the tweet, Bene also included a screenshot stating that the team ultimately chose Missing Home as it has been set to be the final version for the English title Horrible Sedap.



And finally, everyone agreed to use this title,” continued Bene referring to the title of Missing Home which is emblazoned on the screenshot image.

Furthermore, Bene revealed the reason for choosing Missing Home as the most appropriate English title for the film.

According to Bene, a literal translation into English for the sentence “Ngri Nger Sedap” will create confusion for viewers who do not understand the context of the North Sumatran dialect.

“Because if you use the Terrible Horror Sedap translation, everyone is looking for it,” Bene Dion completes on the reason for using the Missing Home sentence.

CNNIndonesia.com has asked Bene Dion’s permission to quote the tweet.

The Horror of Sedap Movie is coming to Netflix streaming service on October 6. This news was announced by the streaming service, Thursday (22/9).

The film by director Bene Dion who represents Indonesia to compete at the 2021 Oscars, Horror-Ngeri Sedap you will be able to watch October 6 on Netflix!” wrote Netflix Indonesia account at


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