12 Recommendations for the Latest and Scariest Thai Horror Movies 2022

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThai horror films are still the most popular films by the Indonesian people. Unexpected storylines and scenes that often make goosebumps goosebumps, make recommended Thai horror films horror movies best worth watching. So, what are the scariest and newest Thai horror films that can be used as your horror film collection? Check out the following recommendations.

List of Latest and Scariest Thai Horror Movies

Thai horror films never fail to amaze the audience. The interesting storyline, setting of time, atmosphere and the right place, make a row of Thai horror films to be praised as the best horror films. In Asia itself, Thai horror films are the ones that horror movie connoisseurs have been waiting for.

Summarized from various sources, here are some recommendations for the latest and scariest Thai horror films that you must watch.

1. Daeng Phra Khanong (2022)

Daeng Phra Khanong movie. CGV

The first recommendation for the latest horror film is Daeng Phra Khanong. Told in the movie Pee Mak (2013), there is a love story between a human and a ghost named Mae Nak. From this relationship was born a child named Daeng. The child then becomes a little ghost. At first the little ghost lived peacefully in the village community. As time goes by, the village gets various terrors from little ghosts.

2. Cracked (2022)

The next Thai horror film recommendation is Cracked. Cracked is a horror film produced by four countries in Asia, namely South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. This film stars a K-pop idol named Nichkhun from 2PM. This film tells the story of a mother named Ruja who wants to sell a painting to pay for her son Rachel’s eye surgery. However, the painting emits a strange aura that causes Ruja and Rachel to often get distracted. Will they be able to reveal the mystery behind the painting?

3. Pee Nak 3 (2022)

Pee Nak 3 movie. Netflix

The film Pee Nak 3 is a sequel to the films Pee Nak 1 and Pee Nak 2. This film tells the story of a graveyard man named Peace Aod who accidentally finds an ancient gold bracelet from a grave and decides to keep the bracelet. However, who would have thought that the bracelet turned out to be disastrous for him. Later, he got like a curse from the bracelet. Finally, Aod and his friends were looking for a cure to ward off the curse of the bracelet. Armed with the clues they find, they hunt for medicine while chasing time and Peace Aod’s safety.

4. Haunted Universities 2nd Semester (2022)

If you’re looking for a horror film set in college, Haunted Universities 2nd Semester is the right choice. This horror film is a combination of three short films. Although it consists of three different short films, the themes taken in the film are in harmony with each other. This film tells a horror story on campus that has been passed down from generation to generation. The themes of the three stories are Bed “C”, Last Year’s Fun, and Old Science Building.

5. Ghost Lab (2021)

The next Thai horror movie recommendation is Ghost Lab. Ghost Lab is a horror film that was widely discussed last year. This film tells a horror story between two friends who work as doctors. The two friends are named Wee and Gla.

The horror story begins when the two are curious about life after death. Wee is the type of person who associates everything with science, while Gla is someone who believes in mystical things. Both are very curious to carry out research related to the existence of ghosts and life after death. However, the action actually backfired for them. As a result, they as well as those around them have to face the risks posed by the research.

6. The Medium (2021)

The Medium movie can be a recommendation for Thai horror films to watch with family at home. The Medium film tells the story of the world of shamanism. The shaman is an intermediary between the human world and the supernatural world. In addition to communicating with creatures from the supernatural realm, shamans also have special abilities such as curing diseases and expelling evil spirits. It is said that there is a famous shaman named Nim. Nim has a nephew named Mink. Unlike Nim, Mink doesn’t believe in mystical things. However, one day Mink showed a strange behavior. It is believed that he will inherit Nim’s hereditary abilities. What’s the next Mink story?

7. The Maid (2021)

The film titled The Maid stars Ploy Sornarin who plays Joy, a household assistant. Joy is a housekeeper in a wealthy family. At first everything went normally. As the days go by, Joy gets a lot of strange happenings. He was determined to find out the reason behind the strange events that he experienced. Until one day, he found a photo of his dead brother in a room of the house.

8. The Whole Truth (2021)

0db6928a93.jpgThe Whole Truth movie. Netflix

The next Thai horror film is The Whole Truth. The film The Whole Truth tells about the mystical story experienced by a pair of brothers. The brothers are named Prim and Patt. The story begins when their mother gets into an accident. The incident required them to stay at their grandmother’s house which they had never visited before. One night while they were sleeping, they were awakened by a strange sound in a room. Inside the room there is a hole in the wall. After being traced, the wall turns out to hold many secrets about ghosts.

9. Low Season (2020)

Film Low Season tells the story of Lin, an indigo girl who has the special ability to see ghosts. One day, he decides to take a vacation to a remote area because he is bored with his city life. However, the remote area of ​​his destination had many waits. His arrival was greeted by spirits, so he experienced many disturbances. There, she meets a man named Pud who then falls in love with her.

10. Those That Follow (2019)

Those That Follow is a short 20 minute Thai horror film. This film tells the story of two friends who try to run for their lives because they have committed a robbery. The two sneak into the Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival. Instead of surviving, they actually get interference from spirits.

11. Bangkok Dark Tales (2019)

The next horror film is Bangkok Dark Tales. This film is a combination of three short horror stories. The first story tells of a woman who is forced to work at the desk of a recently deceased colleague. The second story is about a woman who does not believe in mystical things. Then, the third story is about a ghost in the cinema.

12. Krasue: Inhuman Kiss (2019)

Krasue is the name for a famous ghost in Thailand. If Indonesia has Kuyang, then Krause is the Thai version of Kuyang. This film tells the story of a woman named Sai. Every day, Sai works in a health service in a remote village. However, he had to swallow the harsh reality of being possessed by Krasue.

Those are some of the latest Thai horror films. If you are afraid to watch alone, take your partner or family at home. Don’t forget to note and input to watchlist you yes.


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