Kebon Jeruk Residents Reject the Culvert Project Near Their House, Saying It Was Built Unilaterally

Kebon Jeruk Residents Reject the Culvert Project Near Their House, Saying It Was Built Unilaterally
Kebon Jeruk Residents Reject the Culvert Project Near Their House, Saying It Was Built Unilaterally

JAKARTA, – Several residents in RT 004 RW 02 Kedoya Selatan Subdistrict, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, object to the construction of culverts around their houses.

Residents protested using banners that read “We, the residents of RT 004 RW 02 who live in numbers 32 to 40, firmly reject and do not give approval for the construction of a water culvert crossing our area.”

One resident named Elta (34) assessed that the project was carried out unilaterally. This is because not all residents accept the construction of water channels on public roads.

“We don’t accept it because this is a dead end, a public road before the project. There has been some mediation from the sub-district, three times if I’m not mistaken,” said Elta when met at her residence, Monday (18/9/2023).

“We came once, but stopped because we thought the sub-district side was on their side, instead inviting a data contest,” he continued.

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Elta said that several workers who often went back and forth to monitor the construction of the culvert claimed to be employees of PT United Family Food (Unifam).

The company claims ownership of the land which is located right next to Elta’s house.

“Several residents here, including my father, Mr. Rafael, have land ownership totaling an area of ​​approximately 800 meters of road and culverts, but my father was only able to buy 400 meters,” he explained.

Previously, continued Elta, the company had asked for permission to build a channel there. However, this was rejected by several residents, including his family.

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Elta said, the culvert project was said to be built for integrated sports facilities as well as preventing flooding. However, he feels there has never been a flooding problem in his area.

“Suddenly on Monday, September 11, there was a forced demolition from there, claiming to have received approval from the residents of RT 004 RW 02, but not (asking) from those of us who were affected,” said Elta.

According to him, the company is asking for approval from other residents whose house areas do not have culverts passing through them.

“We sent a summons to the private sector, the project on the 12th was stopped from there until there was a data dispute,” he said.

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Then, on Saturday (16/9/2023), a number of officers came and dredged the land.

They brought backhoes and excavators to dig the ground. Officers also put concrete pipes inside.

“Last Saturday, starting at 09.00 WIB, there was a riot, the car was even forced to move,” he added.

He said that the culvert was completed in two days. The officers then covered it again with cement.

Elta and the affected residents are still considering the next steps so that this problem can be resolved.

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Meanwhile, has tried to confirm the construction of the culvert to Corporate Communications PT Unifam Eldo Rafael.

However, until this news was broadcast there had been no explanation from him.

“I’ll let you know the details soon,” said Rafael via short message.

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