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SUPIORI | PAPUA TIMES- Supporting God’s work in the Land of Papua, the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) of the PD Hanura Party of Papua Province distributed 150 sacks of cement for the construction of a church building in Sowek village, Aruri Islands district, Supiori Regency, Papua Province.

The aid was brought using 2 trucks from Biak Numfor Regency to Supiori Regency in the South Supiori district, then transported by motorboat for a 1 hour journey from Korido Village to Sowek Village.


Chairman of the DPD Hanura party for Papua province, Kenius Kogoya, said that his and his entourage’s visit to Supiori was in order to provide assistance for the construction of a church building.

“The donations came from party cadres and friends of existing DPR members. They contributed and were able to get aid support for the congregation in Sowek who needed help,” said Kenius.

He hopes that, even though it is only a donation, it can support the construction of the church building. “They need support for the construction of a church building,” he said.

So Kenius said, the donation was in the form of support for matters of conscience in supporting God’s work in the Land of Papua.

“Because we are talking about conscience and we are talking about supporting and supporting each other in God’s work and also to build God’s kingdom on the earth of Cendrawasih,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, representing the extended family of Sowek village, Wambrauw expressed his highest appreciation to the ranks of the Hanura party in Papua province.

“Those who have an extraordinary conscience without any element of coercion or request but with the guidance of God’s spirit which is so extraordinary that we can pay attention to us in Soek village in the context of building a new church building,” he said.

In fact, he admitted that he did not think that God’s hand through the Hanura party could support God’s work in Sowek village. “We didn’t think that God’s hand was everywhere,” he concluded.

Hanura Provides Legislative Candidates

Meanwhile, the Hanura South Papua DPD is conducting briefings for Provincial DPRD Member Candidates and Merauke Regency DPRD Member Candidates

The participants involved were from Electoral Districts (Dapil) 1, 2 for the province and 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 for Merauke district. Hanura involved briefing presenters from the KPU and Bawaslu PPS to convey the rules and regulations that prospective legislative members must comply with.

“The position of the 2024 Election is different from the previous one, so the provision provided will reduce the potential customers of legislative candidate members,” said Chairman of the South Papua DPD Hanura Party, Herman Silubun, Saturday, (16/9/2023).

Apart from Bawaslu and the KPU being involved as presenters, internally the Hanura Election Winning Body is also strengthening the increase in understanding of legislative candidates who will contest the 2024 legislative elections.

“So we hope to win one fight without any problems. “Hanura’s target for the 2024 elections is that each electoral district can have 1 seat represented in both provinces and districts,” stressed Herman.

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