The following is a complete schedule of PPPK selection stages in Riau


Head of the Riau Regional Civil Service Agency (BKD) IKHWAN RIDWAN, SH, M.Si.

Riau|| – The central government through the State Civil Service Agency (BKN) has postponed the announcement of the selection of Government Employees with Work Agreements (PPPK). In fact, initially the announcement of the PPPK selection was made on September 16, but due to various reasons it was postponed to September 19 tomorrow.

Head of the Riau Regional Civil Service Agency (BKD), Ikhwan Ridwan, said that the postponement of the PPPK selection announcement schedule was conveyed by the BKN in a letter received by his party. The letter also stated several reasons for the delay in announcing the PPPK selection.

“We have received a letter of postponement of the PPPK selection announcement schedule. “The announcement of the PPPK selection has been postponed to 19 September to 3 October 2023,” he said.

Then the selection registration schedule is from September 20 to October 9. Administrative selection 20 September to 12 October, announcement of administrative selection results 13-16 October, objection period 17-19 October, answer to objection 17-21 October, post-rebuttal announcement 20-26 October.

“Then the final data withdrawal will be October 27-29. SKD scheduling 30 October-2 November. Announcement of list of participants, time and place for SKD 3-6 November. Implementation of SKD 7-26 November. SKD value processing November 14-17. Announcement of SKD results November 18-20. Rebuttal period November 21-23. Answer the objection November 21-25. Processing of SKD scores from objection results November 24-28. “The post-rebuttal announcement will be November 25-30,” he explained.

Meanwhile, for the Riau Provincial Government’s PPPK quota for 2023, there were 3,379 formations accepted. This amount is different from the proposal submitted

“Based on Kepmenpan RB 545/2023, PPPK formation in Riau is 3,376 people. “The quota is for filling three formations, with details of 3,057 PPPK teachers, 173 health workers and 149 other technical personnel,” said Ikhwan..(*AY)

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