BTPN Syariah distributes business capital to underprivileged women in Southeast Sulawesi

BTPN Syariah distributes business capital to underprivileged women in Southeast Sulawesi
BTPN Syariah distributes business capital to underprivileged women in Southeast Sulawesi

Kendari (ANTARA) – PT Sharia National Pension Savings Bank (BTPN) distributes business capital to women from productive underprivileged families in Southeast Sulawesi Province (Southeast Sulawesi).

“Until the first quarter of 2023, Rp 78.7 billion has been disbursed in financing funds to approximately 27,000 women from productive underprivileged families, ultra-micro business actors in Southeast Sulawesi,” said Business Coach Area Southeast Sulawesi, Sanowati Samosir in Kendari, Friday

He explained that his party distributes funds to productive underprivileged women by forming groups called centers. One center is filled with at least 10 customers.

Sanowati said that BTPN Syariah customers are spread across a number of regions in Southeast Sulawesi, including Kendari City, Baubau City and Kolaka Regency.

“We carry out financial transactions, usually customers do not come to the bank but serve mothers through central locations,” he explained.

BTPN Syariah’s Corporate and Marketing Communication Ainul Yaqin explained that productive underprivileged financing is referred to as Sharia Financing Appropriate for group customers without collateral for business capital for productive underprivileged people, especially women.

He said, group financing has the goal of building four characters in the customer, including daring to try, discipline, cooperation and mutual assistance. It is hoped that this behavior can spread so that a society that has economic strength in an area is achieved.

“Not only providing access to finance and business capital, the Right Sharia Financing also strives for empowerment through regular training and mentoring in the fields of financial knowledge, entrepreneurship and health,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that Exactly Sharia Financing has a complete package to provide changes in the lives of underprivileged customers including financial packages, namely business capital assistance provided to customers to answer the needs of building and developing productive businesses.

“This assistance is then returned in the form of bi-weekly installments. Customers also get other additional benefits, namely life insurance for customers and husbands, savings, and free installments every Eid Al-Fitr,” he explained.

Ainul said, after three cycles have been passed properly, customers will have the opportunity to obtain financing for home repairs and children’s education.

Furthermore, the Empowerment Program, whereby customers can continue to improve skills and knowledge through ongoing mentoring programs covering health, entrepreneurship and community development topics.

“In the membership system, customers are grouped in a center whose members are chosen by the customers themselves, led by the head of the center who is chosen by the members of the center,” he said.

He added, his party also provided assistance where each center would be assisted by trained field officers called Community Officer.

“Routinely Community Officer We serve and provide assistance to customers by meeting at customer places,” said Ainul.

Ainul admitted that in supporting wider access to serve inclusive communities, his party not only provides financial access through financing, but also access to knowledge through mentoring programs as well as access to supply and markets.

“In order to make life easier for inclusive people to create a more meaningful life,” concluded Ainul.

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