BPK is waiting for Tuesday to hand over the East Java Provincial Government’s LHP


Surabaya, memorandum.co.id – The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK) for East Java Representative conveyed the results of the Audit Result Report (LHP) on the Regional Government Financial Report (LKPD) of the East Java Provincial Government to be submitted, Tuesday (30/5/2023).

Submission of LHP LKPD East Java Provincial Government will be presented in a plenary session at the East Java DPRD.
This certainty was conveyed by the head of the BPK RI Representative for East Java, Karyadi when handing over the LHP LKPD for districts/cities throughout East Java. “We are waiting for the East Java Provincial Government’s LHP, because it has not yet been handed over,” said Karyadi.

Karyadi said that his party did not dare to provide a press statement. “I’m not brave yet, because I haven’t submitted it to the public yet,” he said.

Regarding the results of the BPK audit of LHP LKPD in 38 regencies/cities in East Java, Karyadi conveyed that although there were findings. But it is still considered financial fairness. “Because it doesn’t interfere with finances,” he said firmly.

Regarding the existence of regional heads who were involved in the law, the BPK RI assessed that the financial audit was still within reasonable limits.

“There are findings, but they do not interfere with the regional government’s financial system,” said Karyadi.

On that occasion, Karyadi continued that the findings did not affect the local government’s cash flow. In general, errors due to policies not being accompanied by rules that do not fit. Such as the restaurant tax, which is not followed up. Even though it is a regional potential.

“In the findings this happened because capacity building, integrity, competency needs to be accessed for improvement,” he said.

Errors occur due to ignorance of the use of the budget. “The problem is human resources and integrity,” he concluded.

Previously, the BPK RI Representative for East Java submitted Unqualified Assessments (WTP) to 38 regencies/cities throughout East Java. Although the results of the LHP still found a number of notes to be recommended to the East Java regency and municipal governments. (day/udi)

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