Cubadak Island, Little Heaven in the Land of West Sumatra


If you visit Cubadak Island which is located in the Mandeh Tourism area, West Sumatra, you will see a small piece of heaven falling to earth.

Calling Sumatra as Swarnadwipa or Gold Island, seems not enough to represent this island, especially West Sumatra. In fact, as far as 43 kilometers from the city of Padang, there is another face of Sumatra that is not only about gold. This face is often referred to as the Raja Ampat of West Sumatra. Administratively, the location is in District IX Koto Tarusan, Pesisir Selatan, West Sumatra.

In terms of regional landscape, the southern coast of Sumatra is truly stunning. The landscape consisting of sea, forest and mountains is a blessing in itself for this region. From there various tourism potentials emerged, including the Raja Ampat of West Sumatra. Yes, especially if it’s not Mandeh Tourism.

Even though it doesn’t grow like tourism in Bali or Lombok, for one reason or another, when it comes to exotic areas, Mandeh Tourism is no less competitive. Actually, Mandeh Tourism is an integrated area of ​​various places and various islands. Starting from Soetan or Sutan Island, to Cubadak Island which is more suitable to be called a piece of heaven.

To arrive at the Mandeh Tourism area from Padang City, we can take the Carocok Tarusan route. This path can be considered quite safe for any vehicle because it is gently sloping. After arriving at the Mandeh Tourism area, to arrive at Cubadak Island, we can take two routes. First, take a speedboat from Carocok Painan Beach. Second, take a boat from Mandeh Port with an estimated time of around 15-20 minutes.

Current condition of Cubadak Island

Cubadak Island tends to have calm waters. This condition is influenced by its location which is not directly facing the open sea, but is in the bay. It was on this island that was created from a piece of heaven that the term Raja Ampat for West Sumatra appeared.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Cubadak Island had been managed by foreign investors for decades. The management itself has exclusive rights on this island. This right then limits tourists, not just anyone may visit here. This island is only for those who will stay overnight. Even ships sailing in this area are not allowed even just to stop by briefly.

However, the pandemic conditions undermined the glory of the Cubadak Island manager. The condition is now more like a dead island. Only former buildings and supporting facilities that have weathered with age remain. Even so, this does not diminish in the least the beauty of Cubadak Island which grows naturally.

This beauty is also reflected in the natural ecosystem there. So don’t be surprised if we can easily find animal species such as long-tailed monkeys or wild boars there.

New offer

If just enjoying the sun on the beach or enjoying clean beaches is quite mainstream, Cubadak Island offers something new that other beaches may not have. So it’s not an exaggeration that Cubadak Island is suitable to be called a piece of heaven.

The new offer from this island is its underwater life which is one of the best in Sumatra. It’s less afdal if you arrive on this island but don’t snorkel. Because pipe corals and bubble corals under the sea are waiting for us to meet. Some local sources even mention, if we are lucky, we can be accompanied by clown fish and turtles while snorkeling.

Besides that, on Cubadak Island, we can go hiking. Take it easy, the trekking path has been laid out in such a way as to make it easy to access to the top. With a little climb up the hill, we will witness a view of the natural landscape showing the cluster of islands around it.

Apart from snorkeling and hiking, we can also enjoy Cubadak Island by walking around. The blue sea combined with the green trees in the expanse of the island covering an area of ​​40 square kilometers would be a shame to pass up. So going around the island is another alternative to enjoying this private island on the south coast of West Sumatra.

Come and enjoy yourself a small paradise called Pulau Cubadak

Of course, in reality, Cubadak Island is much more beautiful than what I have explained in this article. The long history of this island cannot even be told in words. So there is no other way to enjoy West Sumatra’s Raja Ampat besides visiting and experiencing its privileges for yourself.

If I may borrow Sutan Sjahrir’s term, in his message to describe the privileges of Banda Maluku Island, “don’t die before going to Banda Neira”, as well as my message to you. Don’t die before going to Cubadak Island. Meet once, then longing will always haunt. Don’t believe? Please try to come alone. Don’t forget to keep it clean on this island, OK?

Author: Faiz Al Ghiffary
Editor: Intan Ekapratiwi

The article is in Indonesian

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