Crisis in the US, BCA Syariah is optimistic about Indonesia’s conditions

Crisis in the US, BCA Syariah is optimistic about Indonesia’s conditions
Crisis in the US, BCA Syariah is optimistic about Indonesia’s conditions

Presentation of BCA Syariah Performance 2022 entitled Move Faster, Grow Stronger at BCA Syariah Head Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (21/3/2023).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The United States (US) is threatened with a recession, due to a mishandling of the debt ceiling or for other reasons. President Director of BCA Syariah, Yuli Melati Suryaningrum said he was optimistic that Indonesia would not be affected by the crisis situation in the US

“If we pay close attention to developments in financing, we are still optimistic about Indonesia’s condition. Of course, while observing and being alert to developments in the world economy,” Yuli said. RepublikaFriday (26/5/2023).

BCA Syariah claims to maintain quality financing growth. This year, BCA Syariah is targeting financing growth in the range of 10-12 percent for 2023.

Strategies prepared by BCA Syariah to maintain quality financing by channeling financing targeting potential industrial sectors by utilizing the supply chain in the customer ecosystem existingand the BCA Group as well as financing in the sustainable business sector.

“In every distribution of financing, BCA Syariah always prioritizes the principle of prudence. Our NPF is maintained at the level of 1.38 percent as of March 2023,” said Yuli.

Meanwhile, BCA Syariah financing in the first quarter of 2023 grew 16.2 percent (yoy) to IDR 7.7 trillion. The largest financing composition was in the commercial segment which contributed 71.3 percent, followed by MSME financing with 22.6 percent and consumer financing with 6.1 percent.

The highest financing growth was in consumer financing which grew 95.9 percent (yoy) to IDR 470.5 billion compared to the same period the previous year in 2022 which was recorded at IDR 240.1 billion. As of the first quarter of 2023, overall BCA Syariah’s performance has grown positively in terms of assets, DPK and financing.

BCA Syariah recorded asset growth of 16.2 percent (yoy) to IDR 12.5 trillion. Meanwhile, third party funds (DPK) grew 20 percent (yoy) to reach IDR 9.3 trillion for the period ending March 31 2023.

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