Potential to Trigger or Widespread Karhutla

Potential to Trigger or Widespread Karhutla
Potential to Trigger or Widespread Karhutla

NTT – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) appealed to residents in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) to be aware of the potential for strong, dry winds in the next few days.

Head of Meteorology Station El Tari Kupang BMKG Agung Sudiono Abadi said dry strong winds could trigger the appearance or spread of forest and land fires (karhutla).

“Be aware of the potential for strong, dry winds during the dry season which have the potential to cause widespread forest and land fires in the NTT region,” he said in Kupang, NTT, Friday, May 26, reported by Antara.

He conveyed that this was related to the weather early warning in the NTT region which was in effect for May 26-28.

Agung said the areas that have the potential to be hit by strong winds are Kupang City, Kupang Regency, Sumba Island, Sabu Island, Rote Island.

The potential for strong, dry winds, he continued, could cause rapid expansion of forest and land fires, so residents in those numbers need to be wary.

He said residents need to avoid activities or actions that can trigger hotspots in open areas such as clearing grass or clearing agricultural land by burning.

Also, don’t throw cigarette butts in open areas where there are piles of dry leaves or grass that can catch fire easily.

Agung said, if a hotspot appears to cause a forest or land fire, it will spread rapidly with the support of dry, strong winds.

“If there is a fire in high wind conditions, it is also more difficult to extinguish the fire, so prevention measures need to be taken by avoiding actions that cause hotspots,” he asserted.

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Tags: Potential Trigger Widespread Karhutla


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