Muzani Urges Lampung Residents Not to Abstentions in 2024, Remind them of Unity

Muzani Urges Lampung Residents Not to Abstentions in 2024, Remind them of Unity
Muzani Urges Lampung Residents Not to Abstentions in 2024, Remind them of Unity


Member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR Ahmad Muzani handed over an ambulance unit to An Nur Islamic University in Kota Baru, South Lampung and a unit of Lazis NU operational vehicle was also given to NU Pringsewu management. On that occasion, Muzani talked about unity and the importance of not holding Golput in 2024.

This assistance was channeled through the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) together with Dompet Dhuafa. This assistance was realized at the initiative of Muzani who is a member of the DPR from the electoral district of Lampung II to his constituents.

“I hope that this ambulance will not be used, because the campus environment and society are all healthy, so there is no need for an ambulance,” Muzani said, greeted by laughter from the students and campus administrators who were present as quoted from his written statement, Friday (26/5/2023).

Muzani also mentioned the entry of the current political year. Muzani said the people of Lampung must be able to maintain conduciveness.

“We are facing a political year. The atmosphere is sometimes warm, sometimes cool. As knowledgeable people, I hope that any news later, Mother and Father and all younger siblings can learn from it well. We must maintain the unity of our ukhuwah Islamiyah, our brotherhood, and our mutual cooperation. That is a noble value for all of us that we must protect together,” said the deputy chairman of the MPR.

According to Muzani, unity is very important for development in a country. With unity, he said, peace can be created and a conducive atmosphere in society can be maintained.

“That’s why we can gather here. Because there is unity, our children can go to school. Because of unity, we can work, farm, trade, recite the Koran and so on,” said Muzani.

He gave an example of countries that were unable to maintain their unity and then could not build their civilization properly. Sudan, said Muzani, is currently being hit by a civil war that has claimed the lives of thousands of its people.

“Right now in Sudan all activities are closed because there is a war there. Foreign nationals including all Indonesian citizens are currently being evacuated because the atmosphere is very chaotic and unsafe,” said the Secretary General of Gerindra.

“That is why we as Indonesians are very grateful that unity, brotherhood and togetherness in our country can be maintained properly,” he added.

Muzani realizes that sometimes it is very easy for political elites to reunite. But at the community level, he said, to get back together due to differences in political choices sometimes takes time.

“Pak Prabowo and Pak Jokowi have set an example of the importance of prioritizing unity for the sake of the integrity of the nation and state. The important thing is not to abstain from voting. Because abstentions show that we do not have partiality for our own rights. Likewise for political parties. Choices may vary, but unity and brotherhood must be we will keep it,” said Muzani.

“That’s my message. So there shouldn’t be chaos or clashes. Because that will have bad consequences in the future. The clerics and kyai have worked hard to maintain this unity,” he said.


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