16 Project Packages Not In Accordance With Specs, Banten Prosecutors Office Investigate Alleged Corruption in PUPR City of Tangerang

16 Project Packages Not In Accordance With Specs, Banten Prosecutors Office Investigate Alleged Corruption in PUPR City of Tangerang
16 Project Packages Not In Accordance With Specs, Banten Prosecutors Office Investigate Alleged Corruption in PUPR City of Tangerang

INDOPOS.CO.ID – Banten High Court (Kejati) has taken action to investigate allegations of corruption related to non-compliance with specifications in 16 work packages.

Alleged work that does not comply with these specifications includes volume shortage, road thickness mismatch, asphalt density inadequacy, and concrete quality inadequacy.

“On the process (investigation), after receiving instructions from asintel,” said the Head of the Legal Information Section, Banten Prosecutor’s Office, Ivan Hebron Siahaan to INDOPOS.CO.ID, Friday (26/5/2023).

Zaki Mubarak, government observer at the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN), stated that based on the findings disclosed by the Banten Provincial Audit Board (BPK), it had been identified that there were remaining funds that had been verified and proved to be in excess. These findings indicate that there is a potential indication of corruption that allows it to be submitted to the legal process in accordance with the applicable mechanism.

“If there are indications of alleged corruption, they can proceed to the legal process. The BPK’s findings should be a record for the mayor,” he explained.

As previously reported, in 2022, the Tangerang City Government through the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office (PUPR) has allocated funds of IDR 338,996,796,817.00 (three hundred thirty-eight billion nine hundred ninety-six million seven hundred ninety-six thousand eight hundred and seventeen rupiah) for Capital Expenditures for Irrigation and Network Roads (JIJ), with a realization of Rp. 256,815,577,612.00 (two hundred fifty six billion eight hundred fifteen million five hundred seventy seven thousand six hundred and twelve rupiah) or 75.76 percent (according to the audit).

The realization of this expenditure is included in the implementation of Regency/City Roads carried out by the PUPR Office of Tangerang City. The work of 16 packages has been completed 100% based on the Minutes of Inspection of Work Results (BAPHP).

A total of 13 work packages have been paid in full, while 3 work packages have not yet received payment. However, in an examination conducted by the BPK RI Banten Representative, it was found that there was a specification discrepancy in 16 work packages carried out by the Tangerang City PUPR Service, with an error value of IDR 4,222,966,170.50 (four billion two hundred twenty two million nine hundred and six sixty six thousand one hundred and seventy rupiah fifty)

The discrepancies in the specifications for the 16 work packages are in the form of insufficient volume, insufficient road thickness, non-achievement of asphalt density and non-achievement of concrete quality. The 16 packages are the Improvement of Jalan Juanda, the Replacement of the French River Bridge, the Improvement of Jl. New Bouraq/Lio, Replacement of Purati River Bridge, Improvement of Imam Bonjol Street, Improvement of French River Road.

Then, Gondrong Irrigation Canal Side Road and Pondok Bahar Loop, Construction of U Turn Maulana Hasanudin (not yet paid for), Construction of the Teko Block Road, Improvement of the Left Side Road of SP Semanan, Improvement of Jalan Marshal Suryadarma (DAK 2022), Improvement of Jl. circ. TPU Access Road, Improvement Jl. Husen Sastranegara, Geometric Arrangement of Lio Baru Bridge Junction (not yet paid), Improvement of Pondok Kacang Street, Kec. Ciledug, Improvement of Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantoro, Cipondoh District

“As a result, there was an overpayment of 13 work packages amounting to IDR 3,831,951,523.22. (Three billion eight hundred thirty one million nine hundred fifty one thousand five hundred twenty three rupiah twenty two rupiah) and the potential for overpayment for 3 work packages that have not been paid is Rp. 391,014,647.28,” (three hundred and nine twenty-one million fourteen thousand six hundred and forty-seven rupiah twenty eight) wrote BPK in the Audit Report, May 5, 2023.

This happened because the Head of the PUPR Service, who also acted as a Budget User (PA), did not exercise optimal control over the execution of the work. In addition, the Commitment Making Officer (PPK) did not carry out careful inspection and handover of work results, while the Activity Technical Implementation Officer (PPTK) and Supervisory Consultants were less thorough in supervising the implementation of work in the field.

In this case, the Mayor of Tangerang, through the Head of the PUPR Service, expressed his approval of the results of the audit conducted by the BPK. Subsequently, a deposit was made to the Regional Treasury in the amount of Rp. 28,087,342.53 (twenty-eight million eighty-seven thousand three hundred and forty-two rupiahs and fifty three rupiahs) consisting of payments for the French River Road Improvement Work in the amount of Rp. 12,905,936.68 (Twelve million nine hundred five thousand nine hundred and thirty six sixty eight rupiahs) and the Lio Baru Bridge Intersection Arrangement Work of IDR 15,181,405.85. (Fifteen million one hundred eighty one thousand four hundred five hundred and eighty five rupiah eighty five rupiah).

The Tangerang City Government will continue the follow-up in accordance with the action plan that has been determined in response to the recommendations on the audit results that have been submitted to the BPK Banten Province Representative.

Until this news was published, INDOPOS.CO.ID had attempted to confirm the Head of the Tangerang City PUPR Service, Ruta Ireng Wicaksono. However, Ruta has not been able to provide an official statement.(fer)

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