Through Vocational Training, Nabire is Ready to Become a Quality Maize Barn in Papua

Through Vocational Training, Nabire is Ready to Become a Quality Maize Barn in Papua
Through Vocational Training, Nabire is Ready to Become a Quality Maize Barn in Papua

TIMESINDONESIA, NABIRE – The Ketindan Agricultural Training Center (BBPP) as UPT under the Agricultural Extension and Human Resources Development Agency (BPPSDMP) again held a vocational corn training in Nabire, Papua Province. The training was held May 24-26 2023 in Wanggar Sari Village, Wanggar District, Nabire Regency which is one of the corn commodity centers in Papua Province.

The training was attended by 30 farmers from the Wanggar District, including Wiraska Village, Wanggar Sari, Wanggar Makmur, and Bumi Mulia. As a corn center, corn production in the Wanggar District from 2016-2021 has increased from 895 tons to 2,562 tons. This good potential requires human resource development support so that the productivity and quality produced can be even better. Quality improvement is important for the purpose of expanding market potential.

The development and capacity building of agricultural human resources plays an important role in boosting agricultural productivity. This is the main concern as well as the main task of the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) through BPPSDMP.

“One of our focuses is to improve the quality of human resources. With these quality human resources, we will improve agriculture,” said the Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo.

Meanwhile, Head of BPPSDMP Dedi Nursyamsi emphasized that BPPSDMP is at the forefront of developing agricultural human resources and is tasked with increasing the capacity and competence of agricultural human resources. The Ministry of Agriculture has a big responsibility to meet the food needs of Indonesia’s 273 million people. According to him, this is the first goal of agricultural development.

“Another goal is to increase the income of farmers as the main actors in agricultural development. And finally, to increase exports of agricultural commodities. These three goals are impossible to succeed without the support of competent human resources,” he said.

In line with this, the general goal of the BPPSDMP is the realization of agricultural human resources that are professional, independent, competitive and have an entrepreneurial spirit to realize the welfare of farmers.

In his opening remarks, Sumardi, Head of the Nabire District Agriculture Office, said that the potential for agriculture in Nabire is extraordinary, especially for corn, but needs to be balanced with increased human resources.

“Farmers must be open-minded, must keep up with developments in information and technology that are happening outside, so that their status increases to become Farmers,” he explained.

Sumardi added that the government had provided a lot of technical assistance, but in the field there were many obstacles, such as untrained farmer human resources, so that the machines provided could not be used optimally, until they were sold.

“Apart from that, there is no MSME coaching program yet, how can fresh products be processed into value-added products. We are here to serve you ladies and gentlemen. Come on, everyone, let’s be enthusiastic about making a development program for the village,” he continued, motivating the training participants.

One of the BBPP Ketindan widyaiswara, Saptini Mukti Rahajeng, who trained in this training said that the purpose of the corn vocational training in Nabire Regency was to increase the capacity of corn business actors in Nabire Regency. Especially on good corn cultivation practices, so as to encourage quality corn production.

“Hopefully it will have an impact on expanding market access to increasing income. If the results of this training are good, of course it can be recommended to develop maize products that support value. Nabire Regency is ready to become a quality corn barn for Papua,” said Ajeng, Saptini Mukti Rahajeng’s nickname.


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