Kepri Prosecutor’s Office Ringkus Kartini Simanjuntak After 7 Years Fugitive in Pekanbaru

Kepri Prosecutor’s Office Ringkus Kartini Simanjuntak After 7 Years Fugitive in Pekanbaru
Kepri Prosecutor’s Office Ringkus Kartini Simanjuntak After 7 Years Fugitive in Pekanbaru

TANJUNG PINANG – Team for Arresting Fugitives (Sowing) Riau Archipelago High Court (Attorney General’s Office of the Riau Islands) arrested the convict Faly Kartini Simanjuntak (39) in Pekanbaru, Riau, Thursday (25/05).

The arrest of the convict was led by the Kepri Kepri Kejati Intelligence Assistant Dr. Lambok MJ Sidabutar, Head of Intelligence Technology and Production Section Muhammad Chadafi Nasution, Head of Strategic Development Escort Section, Nico Fernando, as well as intelligence staff Latando and Ryan Hidayat and accompanied by the Pekanbaru District Attorney’s Intelligence Team.

Lambok conveyed that the existence of the convict in Pekanbaru was detected by the AMC (Adhyaksa Monitoring Center) information. In accordance with this information, the Kepri Attorney General’s Office Intelligence Team departed for Pekanbaru on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, to the location where the convict was hiding.

“After confirming the whereabouts of the convict, the Kepri Prosecutor’s Office Team coordinated with the Pekanbaru District Attorney and the Pekanbaru Police to back up the pickup of the convict. on Jl. Pandan Wangi RT. 02RW. 10 No. 06 North Tangerang, Pekanbaru,” said Lambok, Friday (26/05).

He said that initially the family of the convict insisted that they were not willing to hand over the convict and there was a debate of opinion between the family and the Intelligence Team of the Kepri High Court.

“Persuasively, reasons were given for the convict to carry out the Supreme Court’s decision which has permanent legal force (in kracht) so that whether he likes it or not the convict must be brought by the team to be executed in order to carry out a corporal punishment against the convict,” he said.

Then the convict was taken to the Pekanbaru District Attorney’s office and secured in a special room and in the morning at 10.00 WIB the convict was handed over to the Executing Prosecutor (Prosecutor P-48) from the Batam State Prosecutor’s Office to be put in prison at the Pekanbaru Penitentiary.

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The case of the position of the convict is that the convict submitted an application for a mortgage loan for the purposes of renovating a house at the address Jl. Raya Flower No. 5 D Baloi Batam to Bank BPD Riau Batam Branch in the amount of IDR 1.2 billion by attaching a work certificate from PT Golden Mutiara Line. Salary Slip and Statement Letter of PT. Golden Mutiara Line No. 003/Dir/GML/2007 on December 5, 2007 with collateral for land and buildings covering an area of ​​404 M2, with collateral for additional income/salary of IDR 31.5 million per month based on a certificate of income/salary issued and signed by Adi Subarkah as HRD Manager PT Golden Mutiara Line without being accompanied by PPH Article 21. Where the certificate was submitted by the defendant to Bank BPD Riau Batam Branch and attached as a requirement for applying for a KPR loan loan, so based on the statement of income/salary it seems as if the defendant really has the ability Faly Kartini Simanjuntak to pay the credit installments every month with the intention that the credit grant requested by the defendant can be granted, even though in reality the defendant’s salary is actually far below that amount.

In addition, the defendant also did not attach a Budget Plan (RAB) for the renovation of his house. The money from the credit is used for credit funds for the purposes of renovating a house located at Jl. Raya Flower No. 5 D Baloi Batam but the defendant used it not according to its designation, instead the convict deposited it into several accounts in the name of other people.

According to the credit deed, the convict should have a monthly obligation to repay his debt to Bank Riau Kepri, Batam Branch, in the amount of Rp. 12 million, but the defendant only made 10 installments from April 2009 to January 2010 and until now the defendant has not paid his installments to Bank Riau Kepri Batam branch.

Based on the cassation decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 15/PID.SUD-TPK/2015/PT.PBR dated September 7 2015, the convict Faly Kartini Simanjuntak was legally and convincingly proven guilty of committing the Crime of Corruption Loan Credit at Bank BPD Riau Batam Branch and sentenced to imprisonment for four years and a fine of Rp. 200 million. with the provision that if the criminal is not paid by the defendant then it will be replaced with imprisonment for two months in confinement; and paid replacement money of IDR 487,334,074, a subsidiary of one month in prison.

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